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Are we losing the Declarative Web?

By Philip Fennell
March 31, 2009

I saw something the other day that I was both intrigued and bothered by in equal measure. 'Mozilla and the Khronos Group Announce Initiative to Bring Accelerated 3D to the Web'. Apparently, the working group will look at exposing OpenGL capabilities within ECMAScript. The intriguing part is that, as a fan of 3D Computer Graphics and Animation this has got to be a good sign, especially if it is exposed in this way; but the bothersome bit is how people will end up using it because it has been exposed in this way. The crux of the problem for me is the question, JavaScript - what's it good for? Absolutely...

Wave Front OBJ File Loader for iPhone

By Bill Dudney
December 31, 2008

Many years ago (way back in college) I wrote a 3D stress visualization application for one of my professors. It was my very first Cocoa application. Written on a NeXT Cube in Display Post Script. Wow, was it cool...

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