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Inside the E-Wars: It's a Braver New Digital World Than Ever Before

By William Stanek
May 11, 2011

I've been a writer in my heart since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a professional writer for nearly 20 years (writing as William Stanek and Robert Stanek). Over the years many would-be writers have asked...

Writing Beyond Tech: New Ruin Mist Book

By William Stanek
May 11, 2010

Rise of the Fallen, the first book in the Ruin Mist: Dawn of the Ages series, releases/released on May 11, 2010 in hardcover. Although set in the fantasy universe of Ruin Mist, the book is very different from the previously...

Writing Beyond Tech: Ruin Mist Graphic Novels

By William Stanek
March 26, 2010

A follow up to my previous posts about writing outside of technology. This one focuses on my upcoming graphic novels set in the fantasy universe of Ruin Mist as I thought it might be fun to share my experiences with...

Writing Beyond Tech: Results Unexpected

By William Stanek
March 18, 2010

Last year Microsoft published my 100th book; it was a huge milestone in my professional writing career. When you give yourself to the craft of writing and have spent your life helping others and helping the communities you've lived in,...

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