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The New Desktop Paradigm: Blame the Success of Linux on the Desktop

The New Desktop Paradigm:  Blame the Success of Linux on the Desktop
By Caitlyn Martin
April 26, 2012

The new Windows 8 Metro desktop, the latest incarnation of Mac OSX, Android, Ubuntu's Unity desktop and GNOME 3, love them or hate them, all came about because of the success of Linux on the desktop.

Goldilocks and the iPad

By Rich Rosen
February 12, 2010

Despite what people seem to be saying, I'm really not hating on the iPad. I'm just disappointed that it's not the breakthrough device it could have and should have been. So here's a little fable inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales about why a compromise in between "too big" and "too small" isn't always "just right."

Linux Netbooks: They're Still Out There

Linux Netbooks:  They're Still Out There
By Caitlyn Martin
October 23, 2009

I found a wide variety of systems with Linux available from mainstream outlets and factory direct, at least here in the United States where I live. While I don't have updated market share figures it's clear, despite claims by Microsoft and their supporters, that Linux remains entrenched in the netbook market and is spreading out from there.

The Day The Netbook Died

The Day The Netbook Died
By Caitlyn Martin
October 7, 2009

On that Friday, with no warning, the little netbook failed to boot up. I couldn't even get to the BIOS. For the third time a Sylvania netbook I owned had suffered a premature hardware failure.

Old Media, New Media and Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Mark Sigal
July 29, 2009

My once-beloved San Francisco Chronicle has been “hollowed out,” reduced to a thin pamphlet, thereby accelerating their subscriber attrition. Do you even know anyone who actually uses the Yellow Pages? Remember record stores? Whither Blockbuster? When analog media collides with digital media, “creative destruction” occurs with brutal efficiency…unless you can truly differentiate your offering, a tall task, but not an insurmountable one. Read on

Apple has secretly released a Tablet Computer: It's called iPod touch

By Mark Sigal
July 14, 2009

Because the iPod touch is often overshadowed by its noisier sibling, the iPhone, we sometimes forget that Apple's first REAL foray into tablet computing, has already sold 15M+ units.

Netbook Nightmare: My Experience With the Sylvania g Netbook

Netbook Nightmare:  My Experience With the Sylvania g Netbook
By Caitlyn Martin
February 13, 2009

I would have rated the hardware in this unit highly if it hadn't failed on me on two consecutive systems. I understand that two units is hardly a scientific sample and that I may just have had really bad luck. Unfortunately the software proved to be a disaster as well.

My Netbook Took Me Back To Windows

By Brady Forrest
December 15, 2008

When I left Microsoft I switched to a Macbook Pro and didn't look back. I never thought that I would use a Windows machine regularly again. Then I got an Asus Eee PC 1000h (10.2 in screen, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, upgraded to 2GB RAM; I judge it to be on the larger end of a netbook)....

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