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What Are We Doing With All This Computing Power?

By Sarah Sorensen
April 25, 2012

When Apple released its earnings this week, they announced they sold 35.1 million iPhones in the quarter. Since introducing the iPad in 2010, they have sold 67 million devices. When you stop to think about it, those numbers are just mind boggling and begs the questions are we really using all this computing power to our best advantage?

Ruminations on iPhone 4, iOS and mobile video

Ruminations on iPhone 4, iOS and mobile video
By Mark Sigal
July 8, 2010

Follow the path that Apple has forged in creating a 100-million-device-strong iOS platform and ecosystem (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Next, watch the seamless flow of tens of billions of consumer downloads from an iTunes and App Store marketplace that is backed by 150 million active credit cards. Whether you consider the emerging "it" a phone, a computer, a media player, a netbook or a gaming device, is it even a stretch to argue that Apple is on the cusp of completing the last mile to the Post-PC era?

Technology Trends Transforming Higher Education

By Sarah Sorensen
June 18, 2010

Higher education institutions find themselves having to rethink almost everything they do in today's highly-connected, highly competitive digital age to ensure they maintain their pivotal role of advancing the opportunities of individuals worldwide by providing a productive, efficient learning environment.

Location in the Cloud (Part 1)

By Jon Spinney
April 1, 2010

I’m a guest blogger this week at the 2010 Where 2.0 conference. I’ve been working with mobile location services and systems since 2000. In lieu of a heavy focus on mobile at Where 2.0 this year, Brady Forrest invited me to write a few words and offer insights into a theme around two emerging areas of mobile location data access—Wireless...

The Network By the Numbers

By Sarah Sorensen
November 5, 2009

There are some interesting numbers that I've heard recently that I wanted to highlight to articulate the scale and scope of today's network...

Who's Winning the Smartphone Wars?

By Raven Zachary
August 24, 2009

The short answer - Microsoft and Nokia are slipping, RIM and Apple are gaining. It's too early to tell with Google. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Touch Traveler: London, Paris and only an iPod Touch

By Mark Sigal
August 21, 2009

Recently, I spent two weeks vacationing in London and Paris with only an iPod Touch for communications and connectivity. Mind you, I am not suggesting that this was a wise thing to do, but it's what I did, and this post captures the good, bad and ugly of the experience.

The Mobile Broadband Era: It's About Messages, Mobility and The Cloud

By Mark Sigal
July 20, 2009

“Listen to the technology; find out what it is telling you.” – Carver Mead The DOS-era was marked by a certain style of computing.  It was primitive, largely devoid of graphics, and for developers, an exercise in scarcity management. In fact, the scarcity mindset was so endemic to the time that it prompted Microsoft’s Bill Gates to sagely note that...

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