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Printing Plastic Tchotchkes Was Fun, but MakerBot Was Just Too High-Maintenance

By Sanders Kleinfeld
July 2, 2013

I’ll never forget the day I first met MakerBot. It was August 1, 2012 when he*—a bright, shiny first-generation Replicator—arrived at our Cambridge, MA, office, greeted by screams of delight by a throng of fans. I must admit, I was …

DIY fabrication hits a new price point (maybe...)

DIY fabrication hits a new price point (maybe...)
By James Turner
December 9, 2010

The DIY Desktop CNC Machine project on Kickstarter could bring reasonably-priced 3D fabrication technology to the masses.

Four short links: 9 July 2010

By Nat Torkington
July 9, 2010

Reasons for Artists and Fans to Consider Crowdfunding -- the number of fans acquiring music outside traditional and/or legal means is, well, the majority. Plenty of examples of bands raising money outside the label system. DARPA's Blood Makers Start Pumping (Wired) -- biomanufactured blood. The blood was produced using hematopoietic cells, derived from embryonic cord-blood units. Currently, it takes...

MakerBot, an inexpensive, easy-to-build 3D printer

MakerBot, an inexpensive, easy-to-build 3D printer
By Brian Jepson
June 12, 2009

I just saw this piece in the weekly print edition of the Christian Science Monitor. It's a great overview of a lot of the offerings out there. In Your idea, "printed" in 3-D, Jesse Emspak writes: At its heart, this...

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