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Parameterized conditionals and versions within a single schema document - In praise of plain old macro-processing...

By Rick Jelliffe
January 21, 2010

What we can see there are three separate requirements: Conditional type assignment: it can change depending on the version Parameterized type assignment: it changes based on out-of-band information, not data in the schema or instance Declarations that are not needed are marked, so that it is possible to generate each clean version simply; useful for other utilities too As far as I can tell, XSD conditionals only allow the first of these, and its conditionals are run-time not compile time.

Document security and macros

By Rick Jelliffe
February 26, 2009

One of the big selling points of descriptive markup is that it is safe. If you use a binary format (or a macro-enabled file) you can have a security problems. I think ODF needs to take a leaf out of OOXML's book here, and at least adopt the convention where the normal extensions must be opened by conforming applications with macro- and script- and event- disabled. Security is so important, that it should be part of ODF 1.2 rather than a next-generation ODF issue.

Close Encounters with Calypso

By Harold Davis
March 21, 2008

In Greek mythology, Calypso was a water nymph. In ancient Greek, calypso (Καλυψώ) was a form of the verb "to conceal" (or "to hide") meaning "I will conceal." Calypso kept Odysseus imprisoned for seven years on an ocean island; it's easy to read Homer to take this as a kind of sexual slavery, and according to some accounts (e.g., Hesiod)...

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