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Turning Lead Into Gold

By Gene McCullagh
October 15, 2012

The longer you use Lightroom the more older images you see as you browse through your Catalog. You may not notice them much or bother to critique your post-processing prowess from days gone by but I'll bet there are some images that could use another look.

A Catalog In The Cloud

By Gene McCullagh
May 3, 2010

We all know that Lightroom is not yet a net-workable application. While we can point our catalog to images on a network accessible drive we cannot put our catalog on a network drive. This presents a problem to those of...

Organizing Your Images

By Gene McCullagh
January 25, 2010

The start of a new year is always a time to think about change and improvement. One common resolution is to get more organized. In this age of digital media it is even more critical that we keep track of our digital assets. Lightroom has many features to help you organize your images. Organization can come in many forms and at many levels. You can organize your images at the drive level (by using a system of folders, subfolders, and file naming conventions) and/or at the metadata level in Lightroom. You must first decide what organizational workflow fits for you. There are many websites and books devoted to this topic. You should do a little research before embarking on this adventure. The best website I can recommend to you to delve deeply into industry standard organization practice is from the American Society of Media Photographers and funded by the Library of Congress. The site is full of suggestions and videos. Get ready to spend some time there!

10 Suggestions for 2010

By Gene McCullagh
December 31, 2009

Can you believe it? 2009 is nearly over! Where does the time go? Are you satisfied with your photography this year? Do you have photographic plans for 2010? Lightroom is an excellent program but it still needs you to feed it images. If you find yourself in a creative slump or the shooting doldrums don't despair! Leave all that in 2009 and look to the new year with fresh eyes! Here are ten suggestions to help you rekindle that passion for photography! You may have seen some (or all) of these elsewhere but it never hurts to see them again.

10 Tips & Tricks from the Tasmanian Adventure

10 Tips & Tricks from the Tasmanian Adventure
By Mary Rotman
October 21, 2008

As some of you may know, one of our authors, Mikkel Aaland, recently returned from a trip to Tasmania with a group of photographers and a team from Adobe. Below are tips & tricks regarding Photoshop Lightroom 2, as well as Mikkel's reflection on the trip.

Lightroom Beta Feeback Loop Begins at Photoshop World

By Colleen Wheeler
April 7, 2008

The feedback starts flying, from Orlando, Tasmania, and virtual points in between, as Adobe invites users to download the public beta of Lightroom 2.0.

Lightroom 2.0 Beta Featured at Photoshop World Keynote

By Derrick Story
April 3, 2008

Adobe selected the spotlight of Photoshop World in Orlando to introduce the beta version of Photoshop Lightroom 2.0. Tom Hogarty showed off some of its alluring features, including the new dodge and burn tool. You can see for yourself in this video from the keynote.

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