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The True Cost of Lemonade

By Alistair Croll
July 30, 2013

One of the things we preach in Lean Analytics is that entrepreneurs should avoid vanity metrics—numbers that make you feel good, but ultimately, don’t change your behavior. Vanity metrics (such as “total visitors”) tend to go “up and to the …

Not Your User’s Problem

By Laura Klein
July 24, 2013

First, let me say that I love all the emphasis on Customer Development, Early User Research, and Product Market Fit that I’ve been seeing these days. What I don’t love is the massive confusion that often comes along with it. …

Smuggling Web Practices into the Enterprise

By Simon St. Laurent
June 5, 2013

At last year’s Fluent Conference, I kept having the same conversation with attendees from large companies. They had come to the show with a mandate from their bosses to figure out how to bring that fast-moving web work into their …

How to Get Fast, Cheap Feedback on Your Product with Tiny Tests

By Laura Klein
June 4, 2013

There’s a lot of advice about how to do great user research. I have some pretty strong opinions about it myself. But, as with exercise, the best kind of research is the kind that you actually DO. So, in the …

Laura Klein’s Six Reasons Founders Should Learn UX Design Now

By Laura Klein
May 28, 2013

I know, I know. Founders and entrepreneurs are already being told that they need to learn how to code, hire, raise money, and get customers. Screw that. What founders and entrepreneurs should really do is learn how to build a …

Three years of TOC at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair

By Sarah Towle
April 11, 2013

O’Reilly Media took its Tools of Change in Publishing Conference to Italy for the first time in 2011, teaming up with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair organizers to focus on opportunities for children’s content in digital publishing. That year the …

Author platforms and the Black Box Effect

By Anne Hill
February 20, 2013

If you’ve spent as much time reading author blogs as I have, you may have noticed a disturbing pattern. In nearly every “here’s how I did it” post in which the author explains her route to greater visibility and sales, …

Why I’m drinking from the Spundge firehoses

By Joe Wikert
December 17, 2012

Have you heard of Spundge? I hadn’t till recently but I’m glad Kristen McLean, co-chair of our Author (R)evolution Day, called my attention to it. Kat Meyer and I got a demo of their platform last week and we were …

Tutorial As a Startup Update

Tutorial As a Startup Update
By Kevin Shockey
June 27, 2012

All I can say at this point, is that it's hard to get people to engage over the Internet. Anyone claiming that it's easy to get an audience, a community, or project to respond and take action is, extremely lucky.

Call for Attendee Participation

By Kevin Shockey
June 19, 2012

For anyone who has already registered for this year's OSCON, and have selected my tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects," I cordially invite you to self-identify yourself so we can work together to make the tutorial everything you need it to be.

Tutorial as a Startup

By Kevin Shockey
June 14, 2012

I'm a persistent and often lucky explorer. I benefit from having seen a long line of technology over a long time. While everyone might be caught up in the Internet as the new development platform. I merely see a another...

There's Plan A, and then there's the plan that will become your business

By Mac Slocum
February 13, 2012

Drawing from the Lean Startup and other methods, "Running Lean" helps entrepreneurs transform flawed Plan A ideas into viable companies. "Running Lean" author Ash Maurya explains the basics in this interview.

Review: "Scaling Lean & Agile Development", by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde

By Ed Willis
August 18, 2009

I've managed a group that ran software projects using Scrum but also provided Scrum support to the wider R&D organization by developing Scrum templates and procedures, developing and delivering Scrum training and providing coaching and mentoring for groups taking their first steps down the Scrum path. So, to be honest, I pretty much figured I had Scrum licked. Then I read "Scaling Agile & Lean Development" by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde. I'd yet to scratch the surface of lean and so the excellent treatment lean gets in this book was expected to be new to me, but it was pretty embarrassing how much I learned about Scrum and agile development along the way. If anything it left me feeling a bit of an agile fraud. In the introduction to "Modern C++ Design" by Andrei Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter talks about how reading Alexandrescu's work made him realize that his understanding of C++ templates was still at the "container of T" level while Alexandrescu's work opened his mind to the vast possibilities offered by C++'s generics. This book leaves me feeling similarly abut agile methods. The book presents a great treatment of agile and lean development methods, places them in the context of queuing theory and lean thinking and provides a road map for configuring the organization in what will be a novel manner for most of us but a manner which has led Toyota and others to remarkable improvements in efficiency, employee satisfaction and responsiveness to market needs. If you're an agile practitioner and proponent, go get this book - you'll be glad you did. Note that a companion volume, "Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development" is due out soon also.

Applying Lean to Software Development, an Excerpt from The Art of Software Development

Applying Lean to Software Development, an Excerpt from The Art of Software Development
By Sara Peyton
January 27, 2009

Just checking out The Art of Lean Software Development, which is based on the techniques that revolutionized Japanese manufacturing. Written by Curt Hibbs, Steve Jewett, and Mike Sullivan, this concise new title shows you how to adopt Lean practices one at a time. And in this excerpt the authors discuss the importation relationship between Lean and Agile.

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