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Ignite Boston 4, This Thursday

By Mike Hendrickson
September 8, 2008

Ignite Boston 4 is this Thursday at the Hooley House in the Faneuil Hall area of Boston from 6:00 pm until ~10:00.

Ignite Boston 4

By Mike Hendrickson
August 27, 2008

The fourth Ignite Boston will be on Thursday, September 11, from 6 to 10pm at the Hooley House, one block from Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA. THIS IS A LARGER VENUE. So the acoustics will be better than our last event and there will be room to sit, stand and mingle. From 6-6:45 pm, mingle and talk tech with your fellow FOOs, alpha geeks, and techies from the greater Boston area. After the mingling and social stuff, we'll have a couple of special keynote presentations to kick off our Ignite talks. Then, onto guest speakers who'll catch you up on the cool, new, innovative stuff going on in technology today. Don’t blink or you’ll miss their lightning-fast, five-minute presentations.

Guessing gender from browser history

By Nat Torkington
August 5, 2008

I just found a clever trick for guessing gender from browser history. I tried it and then realized that I'm a crappy test for the system: yes, likelihood of my being male is 99%. But if I read a hardcore geek tech blog, then that's probably the case anyway. I could emulate that behaviour with a simple return(G_MALE) in the...

Philly's First Ignite was a Smash

By Jim Stogdill
June 17, 2008

Philadelphia's inaugural Ignite was a smash success.

Satan is on My Friends List...

By Jim Stogdill
June 11, 2008

Just a little riff on the Internet worldview continuum.

Ignite Philly Tomorrow Night

By Jim Stogdill
June 10, 2008

First Ignite Philly

Web 2.0 Is From Mars, Enterprise Is Up Uranus

By Nat Torkington
June 5, 2008

Jim brings a welcome "inside the firewall" perspective to Radar. We were talking about Web 2.0 vs SOA vs "Enterprise SOA" (which had us all reached for the barf bags) and Jim came up with this great line about the mindset that could coin the phrase "Enterprise SOA": "Their worldview is one of control over the enterprise". I agree completely....

Ignite Boston 3 - Next week

By Mike Hendrickson
May 23, 2008

beer, boston, cambridge, conversation, geeks, ignite, microsoft, o'reilly, tech talks

Data Center heating the Town Pool

By Jesse Robbins
April 4, 2008

According to A public swimming pool in Zurich will soon be heated for the comfort of local residents, thanks to an innovative solution: heat generated by a data center that would otherwise be classified as waste. The new data center in Zurich is one of three projects in Europe and the Middle East that IBM has announced in recent...


By Nat Torkington
March 18, 2008

I got a chuckle out of this comic on app simplicity and usability. So true, so painfully painfully true....

Given Enough Eyeballs - Art Meets Open Source in Philly

By Jim Stogdill
March 14, 2008

Art meets Open Source in Philly

Cable cuts, conspiracies, and submarines...

By Jesse Robbins
February 4, 2008

It is 3AM at Social Graph Foo Camp and it seems conversations about data portability and authentication will continue until breakfast. As I was leaving to find my sleeping bag, several people insisted that sharing conspiracy theories about the three...

Hand of Google

By Dale Dougherty
January 19, 2008

While looking at a library book scanned by Google, I found this image, the hand behind the scanner revealed....

Greatest error message ever?

By Jimmy Guterman
January 3, 2008

Adobe pushed out an upgrade of its Creative Suite. I installed it, as prompted. This is what happens when I try to run any element of the Suite after the install: Click on the modal dialog box and the program...

Fast Forward for December 29th, 2007

By Marc Hedlund
December 29, 2007

I would buy more music if my iPhone held more music. I wonder how much demand is suppressed only by device capacity. I can't believe Leno and company aren't turning to the Internet for jokes. A little Digg-style interface...

Fast Forward for December 29th, 2007

By Marc Hedlund
December 29, 2007

I would buy more music if my iPhone held more music. I wonder how much demand is suppressed only by device capacity. I can't believe Leno and company aren't turning to the Internet for jokes. A little Digg-style interface...

My favorite iPod accessory is my EFF Membership...

By Jesse Robbins
December 26, 2007

If you are searching for accessories for your new iPod or other music player, please consider membership in the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF helps people fight abusive file-sharing lawsuits and is working to provide ways for artists to...

Tab bankruptcy

By Marc Hedlund
December 9, 2007

I'm no Larry Lessig, but I get a fair amount of email these days. Still, I'm not yet at the point, and hope never to be at the point, where I would ever declare email bankruptcy. I already get over...

Why Global Warming Is Bad for the iPhone

By Jimmy Guterman
November 30, 2007

Last night, in chilly Boston, I had to go from one event to another, but didn't know where the second one was. I asked a colleague where to go next. He took out his iPhone and started pecking out the...

Thankful I'm Not Bill O'Reilly

By Tim O'Reilly
November 25, 2007

I was thinking that I really ought to do some kind of Thanksgiving weekend post, and I finally found my topic. I'm thankful that I'm not Bill O'Reilly, the conservative pundit, and that my readers are smarter than his!...

Rogers Chocolates, Ajax, and Customer Service

By Tim O'Reilly
November 24, 2007

Rogers Chocolates has a fabulous Ajax interface for choosing a custom box of their famous Victoria Creams, a Christmas staple at our house since we discovered them on a family holiday in Victoria, British Columbia some fifteen years ago. These...

Rick Dalzell's retirement tribute from Jeff Bezos

By Jesse Robbins
November 2, 2007

Rick Dalzell is retiring today after 10 years as Amazon's CIO. Rick is an exceptional leader, mentor, and friend to the hundreds of people privileged to know and work with him. Jeff Bezos has given him a public tribute the site (as an easter egg), which can be found by

Geeks on TV

By Nat Torkington
October 12, 2007

Wired profiled the geek-heavy crop of new shows on TV this season. I was inspired to watch them and here's the redux: Chuck tries too hard to be exciting and not hard enough to be geeky. As if it's not...

Best Press Release Ever?

By Jimmy Guterman
October 11, 2007

We at Radar are not in the business of reprinting or rephrasing press releases -- there are plenty of technology blogs that do just that -- but every now and then we read one that catches our interest, regardless of...

Plan Ahead, People

By Jimmy Guterman
October 4, 2007

Here at Radar we are committed to passing on early information on various technology and business trends. And that's why we direct you to this....

The Impressionists

By Marc Hedlund
September 12, 2007

Some blogs I'm loving for their loose, associative wanderings through their worlds: Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect I wound up at a crazy oil industry conference in England last January and sat with this great designer from Nokia who seemed...

Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes

By Tim O'Reilly
September 2, 2007

Apropos of my post a few weeks ago, Surprises on the Bookshelves of CEOs, I've been meaning to post a fabulous literary story that I came across in a recent review in the New York Times Book Review: In...

Virgin America Inaugural

By Artur Bergman
August 9, 2007

Today I had the pleasure of going on Virgin America's inaugural 'California Dreaming' flight number VX0846 from LAX to SFO. It was a pretty fantastic experience altogether, starting with taking off from the Imperial Terminals Flight Path Museum at LAX...

Ignite Boston 2

By Mike Hendrickson
August 4, 2007

Summer is flying by and as we usher in fall, we wanted to give all New Englanders a heads-up that we are having a second Ignite Boston.

Virgin America

By Artur Bergman
August 1, 2007

Virgin America is Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group's second attempt to enter the US domestic airline market, and as a devoted Virgin Atlantic traveler I have been eagerly following their progress to approval. Every time I fly a...

Travel Tips: FlightAware

By Artur Bergman
July 13, 2007

In the course of my travels, I have discovered a few sites that are extremely helpful to get a smooth ride. Airlines currently have an information advantage over the customers. They have all the data, you have none. Want to...

Scott Berkun: "Asshole Driven Development"

By Tim O'Reilly
June 22, 2007

For a humorous but insightful take on the latest real world software development methodologies (never mind theory!), see Scott Berkun's definitions of Asshole Driven Development, or ADD, Cognitive Dissonance Development, or CDD, Cover Your Ass Engineering, or CYAE, Development by...

Which Hotmail Is Really Hotmail?

By Jimmy Guterman
June 5, 2007

Some of the complexities in Windows Vista are hilarious. For example, I dare you to differentiate the difference between the "sleep" and "hibernate" shutdown options in a simple declarative sentence. And, as I just learned, there are three different flavors...

Buy Nick Carr An Air Conditioner!

By Jimmy Guterman
June 3, 2007

In his latest blog post, Nick Carr announced it's too hot for him to blog and he's taking the summer off. While you're waiting for the release of Mr. IT Doesn't Matter's new book, please help him out. Send him...

Angelina Jolie is a Geowanker

By Nikolaj Nyholm
May 23, 2007

According to a story in the Daily Mail Angelina Jolie has taken geotagging to the extreme. The coordinates of her tattoo represent Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Vietnam, all locations of birth of her four children. A quick search on...

Ignite Boston!

By Mike Hendrickson
May 15, 2007

The first Ignite Boston will be on Thursday, May 31, from 6 to 10 pm at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

Medieval Tech Support

By Tim O'Reilly
May 5, 2007

Saul Griffith sent me a pointer to a hilarious video about medieval tech support for the newly introduced book. It's thought-provoking as well as funny. While comparing the ease of use of books to scrolls might seem a casual jape,...

lolgeeks launched

By Nat Torkington
April 30, 2007

Are you hip to lolcats, pictures of pets with amusing captions written in the vocabulary of gamers? If not, then check out i can has cheezburger because you're missing out on a lot of references. They're all over the place...

Having trouble differentiating between Web 2.0 news and April Fool's jokes?

By Jimmy Guterman

It's getting harder and harder to tell. We still remember this classic....

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