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Event-driven application design with JavaScript

By Patrick Mulder
March 10, 2014

When you start building dashboards for interacting with data, such as calculators, editors, or result browsers, understanding JavaScript and client-side MVC becomes important. Why do you need an event-driven application design and a separation of interface state and behavior? Let …

A concrete approach to learning how to program for beginners

By Semmy Purewal
March 6, 2014

As someone who has previously taught computer programming for nearly a decade, I’m often asked questions that involve “what’s the best way to go about learning to program computers,” or “what’s the best way to get a software engineering job,” …

Keeping jQuery in Check

By Pete Hodgson
January 16, 2014

jQuery makes it really easy to work with the DOM and other browser APIs. Almost too easy. Having the almighty $ available to you at all times can lead to an architectural style that I refer to as “jQuery soup.” …

Interactive map: bike movements in New York City and Washington, D.C.

By Jon Bruner
July 23, 2013

From midnight to 7:30 A.M., New York is uncharacteristically quiet, its Citibikes–the city’s new shared bicycles–largely stationary and clustered in residential neighborhoods. Then things begin to move: commuters check out the bikes en masse in residential areas across Manhattan and, …

The Power of a Private HTTP Archive Instance: Finding a Representative Performance Baseline

By Barbara Bermes
June 13, 2013

Be honest, have you ever wanted to play Steve Souders for a day and pull some revealing stats or trends about some web sites of your choice? Or maybe dig around the HTTP archive? You can do that and more …

8 Dart Features Those Fat Cats Don’t Want You to Know

By Seth Ladd
May 30, 2013

In this article, I’ll show you eight more features that help Dart stand on its own as a productive, ceremony-free language. Remember, Dart compiles to JavaScript, so everything you see here works across the modern Web. Dart makes fluent APIs …

Weekly Highlights and Insights: April 29-May 3

By Adam Flaherty
May 3, 2013

Leading Indicators: Over on O’Reilly Radar, Mike Loukides and Q Ethan McCallum come up with a few ideas for evaluating an organization’s data science program from the “outside.” CSS Selectors as Superpowers: Simon St. Laurent hopes that “the success of …

CSS Selectors as Superpowers

By Simon St. Laurent
May 1, 2013

After years of complaints about Cascading Style Sheets, many stemming from their deliberately declarative nature, it’s time to recognize their power. For developers coming from imperative programming styles, it might seem hard to lose the ability to specify more complex …

Learning Paths for JavaScript

By Simon St. Laurent
April 9, 2013

Everyone learns and teaches JavaScript their own way, but Cody Lindley (@codylindley) has spent a lot of time with a lot of different kinds of learners. He made the jQuery Cookbook happen, finding and managing contributors as well as making …

Four short links: 5 February 2013

By Nat Torkington
February 5, 2013

toolbar — tooltips in jQuery, cf hint.css which is tooltips in CSS. Security Engineering — 2ed now available online for free. (via /r/netsec) Economics of Netflix’s $100M New Show (The Atlantic) — Up until now, Netflix’s strategy has involved paying …

Four short links: 10 September 2012

By Nat Torkington
September 10, 2012

The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena (Wired) — With a federal official’s signature, banks, hospitals, bookstores, telecommunications companies and even utilities and internet service providers — virtually all businesses — are required to hand over sensitive data on …

Four short links: 27 June 2012

By Nat Torkington
June 27, 2012

Turing Centenary Speech (Bruce Sterling) -- so many thoughtbombs, this repays rereading. We’re okay with certain people who “think different” to the extent of buying Apple iPads. We’re rather hostile toward people who “think so very differently” that their work will make no sense for thirty years — if ever. We’ll test them, and see if we can find...

jQuery took on a common problem and then grew through support

By Mac Slocum
May 8, 2012

Rather than accept the deep flaws of cross-browser functionality, John Resig did something about them. In this video interview from Velocity 2011, Resig discusses his initial goals for jQuery, the complexity of mobile, and why JavaScript has become a critical development tool.

Four short links: 20 March 2012

By Nat Torkington
March 20, 2012

jPlayer -- jQuery plugin for audio and video in HTML5. Dual-licensed MIT and GPL. Tesseract (Github) -- Square has open sourced (Apache license) their Javascript library for filtering large multidimensional datasets in the browser. Tesseract supports extremely fast ( QR Code Madness -- I recently received an MMS (multimedia text message) with a picture to a QR code. First,...

Four short links: 21 February 2012

By Nat Torkington
February 21, 2012

Stop Paying Your jQuery Tax (Sam Saffron) -- performance advice for front-end developers. The faster your site responds, the more customers will use it. George Dyson Interviewed (Wired) -- a different perspective on computing, worth reading. VLC 2.0.0 -- VLC lets you bypass manufacturers' designed-in brokenness so your computer can play media. Glad to see it still being actively...

Four short links: 18 January 2012

By Nat Torkington
January 18, 2012

Many Core Processors -- not the first time I've heard nondeterministic computing discussed as a solution to some of our parallel-programming travails. Can't imagine what a pleasure it is to debug. Pinterest Cloned -- it's not the pilfering of the idea that offends my sensibilities, it's the blatant clone of every aspect of the UI. I never thought much...

Four short links: 30 May 2011

By Nat Torkington
May 30, 2011

Chartify -- jQuery plugin to create Google charts from HTML tables. (via Rasmus Sellberg) Designing Incentives for Crowdsourcing Workers (Crowdflower) -- In a tough turn for the sociologists and psychologists, none of the purely social/psychological treatments had any significant effects at all. The gTLD Boondoggle -- ICANN promised back in 1998 that they would bring the world lots of...

Four short links: 13 May 2011

By Nat Torkington
May 13, 2011

Mathematical Intimidation: Driven by the Data (PDF) -- excellent article from Notices of the American Mathematical Society about the flaws in "value-added modelling", the latest fad whereby data about students' results in different classes are analysed to identify the effect of each teacher. People recognize that tests are an imperfect measure of educational success, but when sophisticated mathematics is...

jQuery RC 1 is out, final release by end of Jan

By Matthew David
January 25, 2011

jQuery 1.5 moves closer to release. Today, the latest build is now a Release Candidate.

The final jQuery 1.5 is coming soon, but you can download the beta today!

By Matthew David
January 24, 2011

The new jQuery 1.5 is coming very soon. If you want to try out the code you can download is now using the new beta. This release is a big deal!

Getting Involved with jQuery

By Matthew David
January 24, 2011

How do you get involved with the jQuery Community? Find out here!

The significance of the $ in jQuery

By Matthew David
January 4, 2011

Have you ever wondered why there is a $ sign in the JavaScript code used to extend jQuery? We have the answer.

Spinner coming to jQuery UI

By Matthew David
December 29, 2010

The "soon to be released" jQuery UI has support for a new Widget: the Spinner. This blog looks at how you can implement the Spinner Widget into your Web pages

Looking back and looking forward

By Matthew David
December 28, 2010

2010 has been quite a year. Let's look back at some big events for jQuery developers and then look forward to what looks like a very exciting 2011!

Code Files for using jQuery Mobile, SPRY and jQuery Plugins to build a native iOS App

By Matthew David
December 9, 2010

Earlier in the week I reported that my first iOS app built with jQuery Mobile had been accepted into the iTunes App Store. Today, I am giving you the code I used to build the app.

Using jqTouch to make your Web Site look more like a native application

By Matthew David
December 6, 2010

Rapidly Building iPhone Apps without Learning Objective-C Objective-C, the programming language used to create native apps for the iPhone, is not an easy language to learn. While Steve Jobs espouses how easy it is to build an iPhone App (there...

Great jQuery Carousels for people who don’t like them

By Matthew David
December 1, 2010

I'm not a big fan of Carousels, so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself using them on a Web project. Here are the top 5 jQuery Carousels that made me a Carousel convert.

A look at jQuery mobile 1.0, alpha 2

By RJ Owen
November 28, 2010

Yesterday Matthew David gave an excellent overview of the growing jQuery tool kit. Starting from humble beginnings in what is now the jQuery core, jQuery has expanded out of model and controller logic to be a ui-layer tool as well. jQuery UI has been around for a while now and it provides a set of standard interface objects for web pages. Recently there's been a new addition to the jQuery family: jQuery Mobile. In this entry we'll talk about what jQuery Mobile is, what it does well, and the basic underlying structure of a jQuery Mobile site.

Patching it all together - the different parts of jQuery

By Matthew David
November 28, 2010

jQuery is no longer a single core library. Today, jQuery is built from many different pieces. Read this article for a 50,000 view of the frameworks that comprise the different pieces of jQuery

Apple's iOS 4.2 delivers some welcome features for Web Developers

By Matthew David
November 23, 2010

Apple released an update to iOS (4.2.1) to bring the iPad and iPhone in sync with each other. Apple also took this update to slip in some enhancements to their Web browser, Mobile Safari.

Four short links: 22 November 2010

By Nat Torkington
November 22, 2010

Snippet -- JQuery syntax highlighter built on Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript. Snippet is MIT-licensed, SJHS is GPLv3. Fear of Forking -- (Brian Aker) GitHub has begun to feel like the Sourceforge of the distributed revision control world. It feels like it is littered with half started, never completed, or just never merged trees. If you can easily takes changes...

Getting your game on with jQuery

By Matthew David
November 12, 2010

Why not take a break from the applications you create with jQuery and play some jQuery games. Time for jQuery to get its game face on!

Creating a Carousel with jQuery

By Matthew David
November 10, 2010

In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop a jQuery carousel and understand how you can extend the carousel on your own Web site.

Adobe Heart’s jQuery

By Matthew David
October 25, 2010

jQuery is making an appearance in many of the Adobe's new Web/HTML5 tools. From the new powerful EDGE through to Widgets - behind it all is jQuery.

Going Social With jQuery

By Matthew David
October 25, 2010

Quickly add links to Social Networks jSocial, a jQuery Plugin

First release of jQuery Mobile

By Matthew David
October 17, 2010

Developing sites that target mobile devices has suddenly become a lot easier with the release of jQuery Mobile (built on top of jQuery and jQuery UI).

New version of jQuery is released today

By Matthew David
October 16, 2010

The latest version of jQuery is released with some big speed improvements.

What is jQuery?

By Matthew David
October 11, 2010

How do you explain jQuery? You may be new to JavaScript libraries or your boss wants to know why you should use jQuery over some other tool. The focus of this blog is to step back and explain at a very high level what jQuery is and why its so popular.

Four short links: 6 October 2010

By Nat Torkington
October 6, 2010

“Poetic” Statistical Machine Translation: Rhyme and Meter (PDF) -- Google Research paper on how to machine translate text into poetry. This is the best paper I've read in a long time: clever premise, straightforward implementation, and magnificent results. There's a very workable translation of Oscar Wilde's "Ballad of Reading Gaol" into a different meter, which you'll know isn't easy...

Microsoft donates Template, Data link and Globalization Plugins to jQuery

By Matthew David
October 5, 2010

Microsoft makes a big donation to the jQuery team with Templates, Data Link and Globalization plugins

The top 10 JavaScript libraries that compete against jQuery

By Matthew David
October 4, 2010

Top 10 JS Libraries to compete against jQuery

Form Validation with jQuery

By Matthew David
October 1, 2010

Form validation using jQuery

Podcasts you need to subscribe to if you use jQuery

By Matthew David
September 28, 2010

My favorite jQuery Podcasts

Getting the latest version of jQuery for your Web apps

By Matthew David
September 25, 2010

Getting the leading, bleeding latest version of jQuery

Microsoft Introduces IE9 - your jQuery code is now going to roar

By Matthew David
September 18, 2010

IE9 finally delivers the goods with excellent HTML5 support and a super-speedy, GPU accelerated display

Wrangling the Mobile Web

By Matthew David
September 14, 2010

jQuery is getting ready to go mobile. Check out which Smart Phones will get the jQuery treatment.

jQuery + Google Analytics = Very Useful Plugin

By Matthew David
September 10, 2010

A great part of writing the jQuery blog is that I get to share new plugins and jQuery nuggets as I find them. This blog is a great example of this. Over the last few days I have been...

Canvas Tricks - 3D Link List

By Matthew David
September 7, 2010

Canvas 3D trick

Mobile Tools and Tricks with jQuery

By Matthew David
September 1, 2010

jQuery plugins you can use to build web sites specifically for mobile devices

jQuery Boston Conference coming Oct 16-17

By Matthew David
September 1, 2010

Annual jQuery Conference coming to Boston October 16-17

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