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Grids and Tortoise Shells: Influences on CJK Typesetting - Plus: Can Standards Lead?

By Rick Jelliffe
March 28, 2010

In this blog, I want to suggest two great influences on CJK typesetting which can be understood as principles or generators of many CJK graphical idioms: the first influence is rather mechanical: that having square ideographs has consequences that tends to generate certain kinds of designs and ways of expressing those designs; the second influence is cultural and graphical: the influence of mystical diagrams associated with Taoism.

Selfishness and Rubies - Two steps forwards and one back?

By Rick Jelliffe
March 11, 2010

CSS selectors, WebKit, HTML5 and Ruby Annotations.

PyMOTW: gettext

By Doug Hellmann
June 14, 2009

The gettext module provides an all-Python implementation compatible with the GNU gettext library for message translation and catalog management.

How to contribute translations to Bookworm

By Liza Daly
March 11, 2009

We've enabled internationalization support for the user interface and help text in Bookworm and are looking for help in translating it into various languages. Bookworm runs on the Django framework, and Django supports these languages. They're all fair game. To...

SIL's Graphite and Wen Quan Yi

By Rick Jelliffe
October 30, 2008

SIL has just released a fork of Open Office 3.0 with Graphite integrated: Graphite is their leading-edge rendering system for non-Latin complex scripts. And Qianqian Fang's Wen Quan Yi (Spring of Letters) project is making screen fonts for all Han Ideographic characters in Unicode.

What are Chinese Tables?

By Rick Jelliffe
October 27, 2008

here is a very messy and repellent diagram. (If I remember, it was an old Taiwanese table assigning bopomofo letters to buses or trains for particular routes.) But rather than sneer, we should ask ourselves what graphical/writing problem is this layout solving?.

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