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Developer Year in Review: Programming Languages

Developer Year in Review: Programming Languages
By James Turner
December 22, 2010

This year brought confusion and chaos in the Java space, continued growth for functional languages due to the attack of multicore, and the usual popularity for all of the dynamic languages we know and love.

Bryan O'Sullivan on the Power of Haskell

By chromatic
January 16, 2009

In 15 years, Haskell has gone from an academic, research-only language to a language usable for real world programs. Real World Haskell co-author Bryan O'Sullivan reflects on the changes in the language and its community when enable the rest of us to stretch our minds as we write software in the real world.

John Goerzen on Why You Should Learn Haskell

By chromatic
January 16, 2009

Haskell can be a mind-bending language to learn, if you come from a procedural/OO mindset. It's worth the work, according to Real World Haskell co-author John Goerzen. The concepts of purity, laziness, and type safety can help you write better software in whatever language you use.

Learning Haskell

By Eric Larson
January 5, 2009

I've started reading Real World Haskell and it is a great way to learn functional programming. Coming from XSLT (a rather functional language) I had a feeling of preparedness. Fortunately, Real World Haskell has revealed a huge gap in my...

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