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Strata Week: The complexities of forecasting the big data market

By Jenn Webb
January 11, 2013

Here are a few stories from the data space that caught my attention this week. Big data needs a bigger forecast The International Data Corporation (IDC) released a forecast this week, projecting “the worldwide big data technology and services market …

What caused New York’s startup boom?

By Jon Bruner
September 24, 2012

Since the crisis of 2008 New York City’s massive financial sector — the city’s richest economic engine, once seen to have unlimited potential for growth — has languished. In the meantime, attention has turned to its nascent startup sector, home …

Big data: Global good or zero-sum arms race?

By Jim Stogdill
April 12, 2011

Will a big data revolution dramatically change lives, or will it instead yield a middle class feel-good machine that's irrelevant to the working poor?

Audience Growth vs Digg

By Chris Josephes
January 5, 2009

Can Digg increase your overall audience growth? It could, but it's usually a long and painful process.

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