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Geographic data is the glue for public health and treatment

By Andy Oram
October 18, 2013

We’ve all seen cool maps of health data, such as these representations of diabetes prevalence by US county. But few people think about how thoroughly geospacial data is transforming public health and changing the allocation of resources at individual hospitals. …

Interactive map: bike movements in New York City and Washington, D.C.

By Jon Bruner
July 23, 2013

From midnight to 7:30 A.M., New York is uncharacteristically quiet, its Citibikes–the city’s new shared bicycles–largely stationary and clustered in residential neighborhoods. Then things begin to move: commuters check out the bikes en masse in residential areas across Manhattan and, …

"Copy, paste, map"

By Alex Howard
February 8, 2011, a new project from the FCC and FortiusOne, aims to convert open data into knowledge and insight.

A Conversation with Dr. Walter Scott of DigitalGlobe

By Joshua-Michele Ross
October 17, 2009

Dr Walter Scott founded Digital Globe - a company you are likely not familiar with though you probably interact with their satellite imagery on a regular basis via Google Maps, Bing and others. It is only recently that mapping technology and production has been driven by mainly commercial interests especially in the area of satellite imagery. With this commercialization corporations...

Touring With Google Earth 5

By Kurt Cagle
February 7, 2009

Google Earth 5 hit the Internet earlier this week (visions of some cataclysmic asteroid impact come to mind with that statement), debuting everything from a historical mode that lets you see the evolution of terrain over time to a dramatically expanded oceanographic mode that lets you see a whole new world 'under da sea' to the rather stunning release of Google Mars, in which the orbiter maps from the exploratory missions of the last decade are now laid out in stunning detail (and hopelly waking up a whole new level of appreciation for the Red Planet).

DisasterTech from Where2.0

By Jesse Robbins
May 31, 2008

I was honored to speak with Mikel Maron at Where2.0 about innovation in Disaster Technology, a topic that is extremely important to me. Here is the video: This talk covers the ongoing efforts of: World Shelters, the UN Joint Logistics Centre,, InSTEDD, and Humanlink. You can read about the development of SMS GeoChat, the Sahana effort for Burma/Myanmar (Radar...

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