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Cloud Forensics using EBS Boot Volumes

By George Reese
January 3, 2010

In December, Amazon introduced a new feature for their cloud: EBS Boot Volumes. An EBS boot volume essentially provides the ability to boot from a virtual SAN. This new approach to booting virtual machines offers up a wealth of new capabilities in the Amazon Cloud. Among the security uses of EBS volumes I find most intriguing, however, is the use of EBS volumes in cloud-based forensics.

Learn How to Obtain iPhone Forensic Data: Chicago, May 26 & 27

By O'Reilly Media
February 3, 2009

The need for knowledge about the enormous amount of user data on iPhones is a rapidly emerging area of forensic study. O'Reilly's iPhone Forensics Developer Workshop will supply you with this sought-after and valuable information. Join Jonathan Zdziarski, the original iPhone hacker, for a two day workshop in Chicago, May 26 and 27.

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