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Are You Intimidated By Breakfast Cereal?

By Caitlyn Martin
September 4, 2010

An article by Graham Morrison for Tech Radar UK this past week struck a bit of a raw nerve for me. It was one of a type we see periodically in the tech press and the title pretty much tells the story:  The trouble with Linux: there's too much choice. To Mr. Morrison and all the others who have written articles like this one I say: Hogwash!

Fedora 10: Upgrading an Earlier Version Still a Bad Idea + Adobe AIR Doesn't Like 10

By Todd Ogasawara
November 30, 2008

Updating Fedora from one release to another is still a bad idea even with Fedora 10. But, the biggest issue for me is that Adobe AIR for Linux Beta 1 doesn't install on it.

Linux Kernel Worth $1.4 Billion

By Allison Randal
October 21, 2008

The Linux Foundation has released a report estimating the Linux kernel to be worth $1.4 billion, and the Fedora 9 distribution to be worth just over $10 billion. The report is an update of a 2002 report estimating the worth of Red Hat Linux 7.1 (Fedora is the community edition of Red Hat Linux, renamed in 2003). The report doesn't...

oVirt, Open Virtualization Done Right

By Mike McGrath
October 9, 2008

One thing that most people don't realize with virtualization is that its not the actual virtualization layer that is important. It works, they all do. The important part is in the management tools and that's something that's been sorely missing from the Open Source arena for too long.

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