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The Role of Big Data in Personalizing the Healthcare Experience: Mobile

By Bonnie Feldman
September 1, 2013

This article was written with Ellen M. Martin and Tobi Skotnes. Dr. Feldman will deliver a webinar on this topic on September 18 and will speak about it at the Strata Rx conference. Cheaper, faster, better technology is enabling nearly …

Four short links: 18 January 2011

By Nat Torkington
January 18, 2011

How Facebook Ships Code -- all engineers go through 4 to 6 week "Boot Camp" training where they learn the Facebook system by fixing bugs and listening to lectures given by more senior/tenured engineers. estimate 10% of each boot camp's trainee class don't make it and are counseled out of the organization. Reminded me of Zappos paying people to...

European Union starts project about economic effects of open government data

By Andy Oram
June 11, 2010

Open source advocate Marco Fioretti has just announced the start of a study on open data for the European Union, with a focus on economic benefits for local businesses. Related surveys are also mentioned.

[AWS:EC2] EC2 Reserved Instances Launched In EU Data Center

By M. David Peterson
April 15, 2009

As per a recent post to the EC2 forums, there's now support for reserved instances inside the EC2 EU Data Center.

Is the European Union Finally Taking Cyber Security Seriously?

By Jeffrey Carr
April 3, 2009

After reading about the latest British concerns over cyber espionage activities occurring seemingly at will across its classified and unclassified networks, I was happy to read about this April 1, 2009 effort by the European Commission which included the following...

Software for Civic Life: An Interview with Mike Mathieu of

By Joshua-Michele Ross
December 30, 2008

In this interview Mike Mathieu, founder of, discusses how he is helping to build “software for civic life”. Using publicly available data and web services (many of their applications use S3 and EC2) Frontseat creates simple, highly functional tools like Walkscore (rating neighborhood walkability) and Countmore (helping students in the recent elections decide which state to cast their...

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