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Opening Pandora's Box - Looking at JQuery

By John Barlow
April 7, 2010

A few months ago, I wrote an article on the Dojo Toolkit with some examples on how to do a simple RIA app (Welcome to the Dojo). Since then, I have had the privilege of working on an app that...

Steve Souders: Making Web Sites Faster in the Web 2.0 Age

Steve Souders: Making Web Sites Faster in the Web 2.0 Age
By James Turner
November 30, 2009

As much as anything else, a user's impression of a web site has to do with how fast the site loads. But modern Web 2.0 websites aren't your father's Oldsmobile. Chocked full of rich Flash content and massive JavaScript libraries, they present a new set of challenges to engineers trying to maximized the performance of their sites. You need to design your sites to be Fast by Default. That's the theme of the upcoming Velocity Online Conference, co-chaired by Google performance guru Steve Souders. Souders is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites, and spent some time discussing the new world of web site performance with me.

Using Google Analytics With AJAX

By John Barlow
November 19, 2009

A couple months ago I wrote an article on how to use Dojo to create a rich UI for websites. One of the key points of the article was how to support all users -- those with JavaScript enabled and those without. The purpose of this was to enable basic browsers like search engine spiders to go through your site without JavaScript, while enabling the rich interface for your regular users.

Welcome To The Dojo

By John Barlow
September 28, 2009

Welcome To The Dojo. That is how a friend of mine introduced me to this Javascript Framework. "The Dojo? Great, now he's going to act all mystic like and not directly answer any of my questions." I thought to myself. Turns out, he was talking about a framework that is truly awesome. I'll admit, the documentation is a bit to dig through, but hopefully my experience and previous digging will be of use to you. Don't worry, the only things being thrown around in this "Dojo" are Javascript and web programming ideas you may or may not have seen before.

Dojo Tips and Tricks

By Matthew Russell
June 17, 2009

This article provides 10 tips and best practices (in no particular order) for maximizing the benefits that Dojo can bring to your next project. For a more thorough introduction to Dojo, see the article Dojo: The JavaScript Toolkit with Industrial Strength Mojo or pick up a copy of Dojo: The Definitive Guide.

Life360 Is Getting Its Shindig On

By Matthew Russell
February 9, 2009

My consulting firm, Zaffra, has the pleasure of working alongside of a really interesting startup based out of Berkeley called Life360. One of their bylines is "taking care of your family's what-ifs" but instead of just developing yet another web...

Will jQuery dominate the Ajax arena?

By Richard Monson-Haefel
October 1, 2008

jQuery has been quickly gaining ground over the course of the bast couple of years and with the announcement by Microsoft and Nokia, jQuery it could come to dominate the Ajax market.

Toxic Dojo Sex

By Kathryn Barrett
July 1, 2008

"Need Press? Repeat: 'Green,' 'Sex,' 'Cancer,' 'Secret,' 'Fat'" Joanne Kaufman's story in yesterday's New York Times reveals some of the tricks PR people use to get their stories noticed, including the strategic placement of certain words in their press release headlines— which immediately gave me the idea for the title of my latest press release...

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