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Open Source convention considers situational awareness in cars, and more

By Andy Oram
July 29, 2013

Every conference draws people in order to make contacts, but the Open Source convention also inspires them with content. I had one friend withdraw from an important business meeting (sending an associate) in order to attend a tutorial. Lots of …

MySQL in 2012: Report from Percona Live

By Andy Oram
April 14, 2012

Contrasting deployments at craigslit and Pinterest, trends, commercial offerings, and more

A Box's Life

By Sarah Sorensen
January 6, 2010

I bet any parent can acknowledge that the wrapping paper and boxes the toys come in are often more exciting and inspire more imagination than the toys themselves. What kind of imagination can we apply to ensuring that boxes (and resources in general) are not overlooked for their usefulness? What extended life can we give to those things we create and what can we conserve in their creation?"

O'Reilly Week in Review for January 26, 2009

O'Reilly Week in Review for January 26, 2009
By James Turner
January 28, 2009

This week's podcast has excerpts from interviews with Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Linux Device Driver Guru Greg-Kroah Hartman. There's also a audio tour of the O'Reilly web site, and a new podquiz that can score you a book from...

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