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Top Stories: June 25-29, 2012

Top Stories: June 25-29, 2012
By Mac Slocum
June 29, 2012

This week on O'Reilly: James Turner noted that the corporate dystopia predicted in "Neuromancer" has come to pass, author David Griffith discussed C's continued popularity, and Joe Wikert explained why lightweight ebook DRM isn't viable.

An ethical bargain

An ethical bargain
By Jim Stogdill
June 1, 2011

Most of the relationships you build with corporations are like icebergs — essentially hidden from view. But what if we could interact with "human" corporations? What would that look like? How would it work?

Why Jerry Seinfeld Probably Cost Microsoft a Lot More than $10 Million

By Nitesh Dhanjani
November 10, 2008

In this article, I want put forth a case study to demonstrate how capturing feelings on the social web can allow companies to measure the reputation of their brand.

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