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Four short links: 21 March 2014

By Nat Torkington
March 21, 2014

Hack — PHP with types, generics, collections, lambdas. From Facebook. Solve Hard Things Early — Build great habits around communication and decision-making when everyone still knows each other well. Marginally Useful (Paul Ford) — The last two decades have suggested …

Velocity: Toward the Real-Time Business

By Courtney Nash
October 15, 2013

I want to start by thanking John and Steve for the warm welcome. They’ve created something very amazing with Velocity, and I’m excited to be a part of it. It might seem a bit odd to talk about What’s Next …

Go Programming Language for System Administration

By Gustavo Franco
July 24, 2013

Go is the first major systems language to emerge in over a decade, even though computing continues to change at a rapid pace—computers are smaller, faster and can execute operations in parallel via multi core processors. Even languages like Python …

Four short links: 15 May 2012

By Nat Torkington
May 15, 2012

Mobile Money (The Economist) -- Many people know that "mobile money"—financial transactions on mobile phones—has taken off in Africa. How far it has gone, though, still comes as a bit of a shock. Three-quarters of the countries that use mobile money most frequently are in Africa, and mobile banking in some of them has reached extraordinary levels. Akka --...

Editorial Radar: Functional languages

Editorial Radar: Functional languages
By Laurie Petrycki
May 3, 2012

O'Reilly editors Mike Loukides and Mike Hendrickson discuss the advantages of functional programming languages and how functional language techniques can be deployed with almost any language.

Four short links: 24 August 2011

By Nat Torkington
August 24, 2011

STM in PyPy -- a proposal to add software transactional memory to the all-Python Python interpreter as a way of simplifying concurrent programming. I first learned about STM from Haskell's Simon Peyton-Jones at OSCON. (via Nelson Minar) Werner Vogels' Static Web Site on S3 -- nice writeup of the toolchain to publish a web site to static files served...

Strata Gems: Clojure is a language for data

By Edd Dumbill
December 17, 2010

Built for expressiveness and concurrency, Clojure is a natural fit for data work. It boasts excellent API support and strong support for use in the cloud.

Is There Any Correct Java Code Out There?

By James Elliott
August 5, 2009

Writing correct, concurrent code is really hard. Java makes it seem easier than it is, even when you think you're being careful. The language support is better than it was before Java 5, but we still have a lot to learn. And we have to learn fast, because our code is running on more and more processors every day.

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