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When and What is "Good Enough"

By Mark Sigal
August 25, 2010

There is an axiom that it is more important to focus on doing the "right things" than on having to do everything "perfectly right." But, this begs a question. At what point is "good enough" achieved? Read on...

Nine Essential Truths for Entrepreneurial Success

By Mark Sigal
June 24, 2009

Leveraging the pattern recognition of others is one of the best ways to build upon best practices, while sidestepping avoidable mistakes. What follows is a primer of nine key lessons learned from doing eight startups (four as co-founder, four liquidity events). Read on...

The Goodness of Artificial Milestones

By Mark Sigal
April 29, 2009

A friend of mine in startup-land had a really important meeting with a prospective partner. Knowing the one-shot nature of these things, he literally moved mountains in just a few days, achieving a transformational milestone for his fledging, early-stage company. How did he do it? Read on...

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