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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in six languages

By Patrick Reynolds
March 25, 2014

The Oracle at Delphi spoke just one language, a cryptic one that priests “compiled” into ancient Greek. The Oracle of Bacon—the website that plays the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game for you—has, in its 20-year existence, been written in …

Can One Write Readable and Maintainable Perl?

By A. Sinan Unur
December 5, 2013

The answer to this simple but somehow controversial question is an emphatic yes! Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad Perl out there owing to Perl’s history of being the language of getting things done in the 90s. It is easy for …

Why I Started Coding Again (Thanks, Guido!)

By Brian McConnell
February 11, 2009

This is a follow up article to a piece I wrote in 2007, "Why I Stopped Coding and Why I'd Start Again". I took a several year hiatus from writing code, mostly because I found that I was spending more...

Something Old, Something New

By Dan Brodnitz
July 9, 2008

Hi, My name's Dan and I'm the publisher for the Digital Media division here at O'Reilly. I'll be dropping by to join the conversation here and there, particularly on items related to that interesting point where creativity and technology meet and do a dance. Lately I've been thinking of the ways old and new media can work together. In Pixar's...

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