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A Look Back and a Look Ahead, My Work In Review and Independents Too

By William Stanek
November 24, 2010

I write as William Stanek and Robert Stanek. My story may help you understand writers and independents a little better. As a technology journalist, I've written for PC Magazine, Dr. Dobbs, TechNet Magazine and a variety of other leading magazines....

Beyond Tech: Racing Super Buster Learning Adventures

By William Stanek
November 18, 2010

I wrote the Bugville Critters stories as bedtime stories for my own children. The books are about life, family, friends, and our world and they're meant to instruct and entertain. My children enjoyed the stories so much they urged me...

Writing Beyond Tech: Introducing Ripple Reader and Recorded "Bugville" Books

By William Stanek
May 28, 2010

Last fall, all 15 of the original Bugville Critters books were released in a special "e" format for the beta of the Ripple Reader. Just recently, the Ripple team officially launched their Reader. If you are a parent with young...

Writing Beyond Tech: Bugville Critters

By William Stanek
March 19, 2010

A fun follow up to my previous post about writing outside of technology. This one focuses on my childrens picture books and a series called Bugville Critters. All 16 of my original Bugville Critters books have been published. The latest...

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