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Open source community collaboration strategies for the enterprise

By Simon Phipps
July 13, 2012

This report examines the strategies and caveats businesses must consider before adopting open source software, including: the layers and needs of open source communities, the relationship between transparency and privacy, the problems with "open core," and why control should be traded for influence.

Developer Week in Review: Oracle's big bet fails to pay off

Developer Week in Review: Oracle's big bet fails to pay off
By James Turner
May 25, 2012

Oracle fails to convince a jury that Google owes them big bucks, the annual refresh of Perl has arrived, and FreeBSD says goodbye to an increasingly restrictive GCC license.

How Free Software Contributed to the Success of Steve Jobs and Apple

By Andy Oram
August 26, 2011

In the great Second Coming, when Jobs returned to Apple 1996, he drove the adoption of the open source BSD as Apple's new operating system. This enabled some of the Mac's most popular features.

Running out of inodes in PC BSD - Comment out linprocfs?

By Rick Jelliffe
July 12, 2010

I had an odd problem last Friday with my new PC-BSD installation. Suddenly a whole lot of things stopped working: in particular, I couldn't load media or see extra disks. Opening up Dolphin file manager in Adminstrator mode (under the...

Strike that: now I'm a PC-BSD! - Nothing but blue skies from now on...

By Rick Jelliffe
June 25, 2010

A fortnight ago I wrote in I'm a BSD about my initial adventures installing FreeBSD and trying to get it configured as a desktop system. After a few days, I had come to a halt. As one reader put it:...

I'm a BSD

By Rick Jelliffe
June 11, 2010

This week I am taking FreeBSD 8.0 for a spin. So far, I like it enough that it will probably be my normal desktop environment. It seems to have the right stuff: my PC seems markedly faster. FreeBSD's slogan is...

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.
By Allen Noren
November 4, 2009

We're launching the beta of O'Reilly Answers, and I'm inviting you to be part of it. In brief, O'Reilly Answers is a community site for sharing knowledge, asking questions, and providing answers that brings together our customers, authors, editors, conference speakers, and Foo (Friends of O'Reilly). O'Reilly is at the center of an amazing exchange of knowledge sharing and idea generation, and we want you to join us in changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.

PuffyTron recommends OpenBSD 4.5

PuffyTron recommends OpenBSD 4.5
By Federico Biancuzzi
June 15, 2009

OpenBSD 4.5 was release on May 1st. I had the privilege to collect some q&a with multiple developers about new features and improvements included in this release.


By Federico Biancuzzi
May 18, 2009

WAPBL stands for "Write Ahead Physical Block Logging". WAPBL provides metadata journaling for file systems. In particular, it is used with the fast file system (FFS) to provide rapid file system recovery after a system outage. It also provides better general-use performance over regular FFS through less on-disk metadata updates - these are coalesced in the journal. WAPBL was developed by Wasabi Systems, and recently Wasabi contributed that work back to NetBSD. Wasabi has been using WAPBL in its storage products for about four or five years now.

Source Wars - Return of the Puffy: What's New in OpenBSD 4.4

Source Wars - Return of the Puffy: What's New in OpenBSD 4.4
By Federico Biancuzzi
November 3, 2008

Jedi apprentice Federico Biancuzzi contacted the Council and interviewed 27 Master Developers to talk about how they liberated OpenBSD 4.4 from the Empire. Details on the operation are not completely disclosed yet, but you can already see a picture of the Uniform, of the team Team, and of the elite PuffySet

Open Source Code Licenses Review

By Andre Charland
July 18, 2008

Grant Skinner has been thinking about and researching open sources licenses. I think this is timely blog post that everyone involved in software should take a look to get a quick high level understanding of the most popular open source licenses.

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