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The Power of a Private HTTP Archive Instance: Finding a Representative Performance Baseline

By Barbara Bermes
June 13, 2013

Be honest, have you ever wanted to play Steve Souders for a day and pull some revealing stats or trends about some web sites of your choice? Or maybe dig around the HTTP archive? You can do that and more …

Harvard's Berkman Center hosts star-studded forum on media and the "vast wasteland"

By Andy Oram
September 13, 2011

May 9, 1961 marked the first public appearance of Newt Minow as FCC chairman, where he achieved immortality by raising the claim that television was a "vast wasteland." The phrase entered American life so thoroughly that citing it has become almost reflexive in media commentary over the intervening fifty years. Last night, the Berkman Center held a gala event re-examining media, and the main guest of honor was...Newt Minow!

One hundred eighty degrees of freedom: signs of how open platforms are spreading

By Andy Oram
February 5, 2010

Visualize open networks--and remember how far we've already come from the days before flat-rate long distance phone calls (much less app stores for cell phones).

Success of a Broadcast Medium: The Muzak Transmission Process

Success of a Broadcast Medium: The Muzak Transmission Process
By Andy Oram
November 18, 2009

Muzak grew from constant technological innovation and originally succeeded as a broadcast medium using spare spectrum, a business model rarely examined today.

Ideation: Flip Video News Network (a RIGHT HERE NOW service)

By Mark Sigal
March 4, 2009

Imagine CNN for the broadband era. A real time news network with bureaus/beats all around the world. Best of all, we're building it on the free or cheap.

Elections and mainstream broadcast media

Elections and mainstream broadcast media
By Andy Oram
November 6, 2008

Yesterday's blog "Don't say the Internet has changed elections" was all about how elections still rely overwhelmingly on mainstream broadcast media. But an interesting inverse is that the mainstream broadcast media also rely on elections.

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