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Getting Control of Flex Data Binding

By Amy Blankenship
July 25, 2010

Databinding in Flex is one of the features that has made it so popular as a Framework. You change a property in one place and, voilà, some text changes in a completely different place. However, there is a lot...

Flex 4 New Features: Two-way Data Binding

By Stefan Horochovec
February 22, 2010

In this post I want to discuss a new feature of Flex 4 SDK called "two-way data binding". What is and what it can help us in everyday life? First, what is Data Binding? Data Binding is the action of...

170 years of tech book publishing, demonstrated

By Simon St. Laurent
February 16, 2010

Some of the most fascinating technical writing I've encountered recently was written 170 years ago. How is that possible? And just how different was it?

Sosnowski series on schemas and service nexus

By Rick Jelliffe
January 23, 2009

Dennis Sosnoski has a good article Schema for Web Services - Part I: Basic Datatypes up at InfoQ. It looks like being a series, and Dennis knows his stuff. It is about some gotchas with data binding.... There are many parts of XSD which don't play well for use in automated data binding systems, but I suspect many of Dennis' gotchas in this article are just intrinsic to exchange rather than being flaws in XSD datatypes, necessarily.

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