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Failure Is a Feature of Reality

Failure Is a Feature of Reality
By George Reese
May 14, 2010

All systems fail. In the computing world, the best we can hope for is the creation of redundant systems and backup systems that help minimize the impact of those failures. Where people run into trouble in the cloud is when they believe that "putting a system in the cloud" means not having to worry about redundancy and backup systems.

MySQL conference 2010: thriving as one of many

By Andy Oram
April 15, 2010

The future course of MySQL in an environment with many new and intriguing alternatives to relational databases, and multiple versions of MySQL itself.

Now Do As You've Been Told!

By Darwin Grosse
January 8, 2009

This article is about my new collection of Korg Nano devices - or it was going to be until my hard drive died.

Is Time Machine Enough?

By Todd Ogasawara
October 29, 2008

Is Time Machine all I need you need to stay operational on a daily basis? I think it comes pretty close. But, I took a look at additional options to keep me and my Macs operational on a daily basis.

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