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Talking to Chromecast from iOS

By James Turner
February 24, 2014

Now that Google has opened up the Chromecast API for anyone to play with, it’s possibile to create iOS applications that can leverage the $35 device as a way to display to HDMI devices wirelessly. In this series of tutorials, …

Talking to Chromecast from iOS

By James Turner
February 24, 2014

Now that Google has opened up the Chromecast API for anyone to play with, it’s possibile to create iOS applications that can leverage the $35 device as a way to display to HDMI devices wirelessly. In this series of tutorials, …

Upward Mobility: Your phone is your robot’s best friend

By James Turner
February 3, 2014

Recently, Glenn Martin wrote an article describing how robotics in moving out of the factory and into the house. And while Glenn restricted himself mainly to the type of robots that pop into your head when someone says the word …

Upward Mobility: Predictions for 2014

By James Turner
January 6, 2014

It is a generally accepted requirement that all technology pundits attempt a yearly prognostication of the coming 12 months. Having consulted my crystal ball, scryed the entrails of a falcon, and completed a 3 day fasting ritual in a sweat …

Update Mobility: The Year in Mobile

By James Turner
December 16, 2013

As the end of December approaches, it’s time to take a look at the year that was. In a lot of ways, 2013 was a status quo year for mobile, with nothing earthshaking to report, just a steady progression of …

Upward Mobility: The Terror of iOS App Submission

By James Turner
November 18, 2013

One of the major topics of my Enterprise iOS book is how to plan release schedules around  Apple’s peril-filled submission process. I don’t think you can count yourself a truly bloodied iOS dev until you’ve gotten your first rejection notice …

Upward Mobility: Microsoft’s Patent Arsenal Is Full of Blanks

By James Turner
November 11, 2013

It is with some amusement that your humble servant read this week of Microsoft’s lucrative business licensing their patents to Android handset makers. How lucrative? Evidently, over two billion dollars a year, five times their revenue from actual mobile products …

Upward Mobility: The Mobile Payment Problem

By James Turner
November 4, 2013

There was a time when the two big unsolved puzzles of online finance were micropayments and mobile payments. Micropayments were a problem because no one seemed willing to make sub-dollar transfers economically viable, while mobile payments had a chicken-and-egg solution …

Upward Mobility: The Hidden Cost of iOS7

By James Turner
October 28, 2013

As with every Apple iOS release, iOS7 started to become a serious item for developers at the WWDC held the summer before the release, when all the ins and outs of the new capabilities start to be made available to …

Upward Mobility: Why iBeacons Matter

By James Turner
October 21, 2013

Fans of near field communications payment solutions were, yet again, disappointed when the new batch of iPhones failed to include NFC in their list of features. While it might indeed be nifty for iPhone users to be able to join …

Four short links: 17 October 2013

By Nat Torkington
October 14, 2013

Pencil — An open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s available for ALL platforms. lmctfy — open source version of Google’s container stack, which provides Linux application containers. ASCII WWDC — searchable full-text transcriptions of WWDC sessions. Cryptogeddon — an online infosec …

Upward Mobility: Waiting for iWatch

By James Turner
October 13, 2013

By all accounts, we won’t be seeing the iWatch until sometime next year. This is giving the press lots of time to speculate about exactly what the device might be. Since I can wildly speculate as well as the next …

Upward Mobility: Dig Out Your Tin-Foil Hats

By James Turner
September 23, 2013

The continual drip-drip-drop of NSA secrets, courtesy of Monsieur Snowden, has provided many of us with a new piece of daily entertainment. But as much fun as it can be to see No Such Agency’s dirty laundry being aired in …

Upward Mobility: Dear Apple, Please Stop Hogging All the Good Stuff

By James Turner
September 16, 2013

As I mentioned last week, the new Touch ID feature of the iPhone 5S is (at least for the moment) only usable by Apple created software. What this means is that a developer can’t take advantage of the feature to …

Upward Mobility: If I Were King of XCode

By James Turner
September 2, 2013

As the not-so-mysterious September 10th Apple event approaches, it’s widely anticipated that the final version of iOS 7 will be released at the same time. Along with it will come a new version of XCode. While XCode is a pretty …

Upward Mobility: A Web of Dependencies

By James Turner
July 29, 2013

The recent unavailability of the Apple Developer’s Portal just underscores how increasingly dependent developers have become on third parties during the software lifecycle. For those who are not following the fun and games, the sites, which include much of …

Conquering iOS Core Data

By Rachel Roumeliotis
May 2, 2013

Joshua Smith (@kognate) is a Lead Mobile Developer at iRx Reminder, frequent Cocoa Conference speaker and author of an upcoming book with O’Reilly on core data. We recently sat down to talk about core data and its complexities. What exactly …

We need incognito book purchasing

By François Joseph de Kermadec
April 18, 2013

In the physical realm, purchasing a book without revealing one’s identity involves little effort beyond proceeding to a store one does not usually patronise and paying in cash. Unless one is seeking illegal volumes, which are unlikely to be obtained …

Upward Mobility: Automating iOS builds with Jenkins

By James Turner
April 15, 2013

One of the pleasant surprises I learned last year at WWDC is that Apple uses Jenkins to automated their iOS app builds. Since we were already using Jenkins to do the same thing at the Day Job, it was a …

Digital publishing and the loss of intimacy

By François Joseph de Kermadec
April 9, 2013

Reading used to be an intimate experience. Even Amazon, the pioneer in digital publishing, branded its Kindle with a child reading alone under a tree. Books were specially designed to disappear into the background as much as possible, helped by …

What if the Game of Thrones Characters were book publishers?

By Miral Sattar
April 4, 2013

There’s no question that the publishing industry is going through a lot of changes. It’s the last industry to go digital, and as a result going through the fastest disruption. Watching the Game of Thrones is like watching a war …

Used ebooks: Why your assumptions are wrong and the opportunity is huge

By Joe Wikert
March 11, 2013

Amazon has a patent and now Apple does too. I’m talking about the techniques both companies might use to let you resell your digital content. They join ReDigi, who already offers a platform to resell your digital music. Ebooks are next, of course, …

Publishing News: Apple’s used iBookstore?

By Jenn Webb
March 8, 2013

Apple patent points to used digital resale Quick on Amazon’s heels, Apple has filed its own patent for selling or loaning used digital content, including ebooks, music, movies, and software applications. Mikey Campbell reported at Apple Insider that the patent, …

Author platforms and the Black Box Effect

By Anne Hill
February 20, 2013

If you’ve spent as much time reading author blogs as I have, you may have noticed a disturbing pattern. In nearly every “here’s how I did it” post in which the author explains her route to greater visibility and sales, …

Book Publishing Unbound

By Neil Ayres
February 6, 2013

Brand Perfect’s new report looks at how traditional publishers are contending with the challenges being brought about by increasingly fragmentary digital publishing, and highlights some of the most successful commercial projects that are responding to them. On the state of …

Ebooks and the future of research

By François Joseph de Kermadec
February 6, 2013

Knowledge cannot progress unless it is aware of its past: a knowledge-seeker must reference the works of previous generations. Literary scholars return to manuscripts, musicians to partitions, artists to museums… The continued availability of reference works underpins our entire research …

Four short links: 21 January 2013

By Nat Torkington
January 21, 2013

School District Builds Own Software — By taking a not-for-profit approach and using freely available open-source tools, Saanich officials expect to develop openStudent for under $5 million, with yearly maintenance pegged at less than $1 million. In contrast, the B.C. …

Commerce Weekly: PayPal marches toward ubiquity

By Jenn Webb
January 17, 2013

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. PayPal expands its footprint with new partners PayPal announced this week it has expanded its U.S. footprint to include 23 new partners for its PayPal …

Commerce Weekly: iPhone NFC rumors return

By Jenn Webb
January 3, 2013

Happy new year! Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space recently. Apple NFC rumors revived We’ve no sooner outfitted our shiny new iPhone 5s with cases and fancy accessories than rumors of the iPhone …

Publishing News: Penguin settles, Macmillan holds its ground

By Jenn Webb
December 21, 2012

Here are a few stories from the publishing space that caught my attention this week. And then there were two In headline news this week, the Penguin Group announced it had reached a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice. …

Commerce Weekly: Predicting 2013

By Jenn Webb
December 20, 2012

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. Predicting the 2013 commerce space As 2012 wraps up, industry executives are looking ahead to what 2013 might bring. In a report at eCommerceBytes, executives …

Something big is missing from Flipboard and iBookstore

By Mac Slocum
November 16, 2012

Flipboard (which I adore) and Apple’s iBookstore (which I rarely think about) have teamed up. Sort of. A new books section in Flipboard highlights titles from iBookstore. It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t go far enough. Instead of doing …

Creating reader community with open APIs

By Leonhard Dobusch
November 15, 2012

I spoke at the “Frankfurt Digital Night” at this year’s Frankfurt Book fair, making essentially three points (see slides embedded below): first, publishing requires – and has always required – a commitment to creating and courting communities of readers. Second, there …

Amazon and Wall Street

By Joe Wikert
November 12, 2012

I’m a big fan of The Week news magazine. It’s one of the last print products I still subscribe to (and I prefer the print version over the digital one). They deliver short summaries of what’s happening around the world …

The slow pace of ebook innovation

By Joe Wikert
November 9, 2012

I love this comment from Dave Bricker regarding an earlier post, EPUB 3 facts and forecasts: Ebook vendors enjoy a closed loop ecosystem. They have millions of reader/customers who are satisfied with EPUB 2 display capabilities and devices. Amazon readers, …

TOC’s Global Ebook Market report

By Joe Wikert
November 8, 2012

One year ago that we published the first edition of our Global Ebook Market report. We focused on the major English language territories but also featured coverage of several other popular languages as well. A lot has changed in the …

B&N sorely needs to make a mark

By Jenn Webb
November 6, 2012

Ahead of its 7-inch Nook HD and 9-inch HD+ release this week, B&N has reduced the price of its Nook Color and Nook tablets. The Nook Color dropped $10 to $139, and the tablets dropped $20 to $179 for the …

The dangers of platform lock-in

By Joe Wikert
October 31, 2012

One reason some consumers haven’t jumped on the ebook bandwagon is because they’re concerned the format they select might become obsolete in a few years. Others dismiss that as unfounded pessimism but I have an example of how it can …

Commerce Weekly: Square’s big moves

By Jenn Webb
October 25, 2012

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. Square gets international, plans major growth; PayPal Here hits retail Square made a couple of big move announcements this week. First, the company literally will …

Commerce Weekly: Will NYC taxis get Square?

By Jenn Webb
October 11, 2012

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. Square may be courting cabs Square not only is gearing up to launch in Starbucks stores in November — it may also be looking to …

Four short links: 3 October 2012

By Nat Torkington
October 3, 2012

Mil-OSS 4 — 4th military open source software working group conference, in Rosslyn VA. Oct 15-17. Tutorials and sessions will cover: Linux, Geospatial, LiDAR, Drupal, cloud, OSS policy and law, Android and many other topics. The last day will have …

Apple’s maps

By Mike Loukides
September 29, 2012

I promise not to make any snarky remarks about Apple’s maps disaster, and the mistakes of letting a corporate vendetta get in the way of good business decisions. Oops, I lied. But it’s good to see that Tim Cook agrees, …

Commerce Weekly: An early look at who’s who in Passbook

By Jenn Webb
September 27, 2012

Here are the commerce stories that caught my attention this week. Passbook’s early merchants Apple’s iOS 6 launched last week, bringing the Passbook feature to iPhones, and merchants from all walks of industry have started jumping on board. Target was …

Steve Jobs, Romantic

By Doug Hill
September 24, 2012

“… the season Wherein the spirits hold their wont to walk the fruitful matrix of Ghosts …”       — Samuel Taylor Coleridge Steve Jobs died a year ago October 5th, and we can expect his ghost to appear …

Commerce Weekly: Apple excludes NFC, leaves payment pioneering to others

By Jenn Webb
September 13, 2012

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. So that’s that: No NFC for the iPhone 5 Leading up to yesterday’s Apple event, there was much rumor mongering over whether or not the …

Commerce Weekly: Google Wallet vs Apple Passbook

By Jenn Webb
August 30, 2012

Here are a few stories from the commerce space that caught my attention this week. Google prepares its Wallet to compete with iOS 6 Robin Dua, Google’s head of product management for Google Wallet, participated in a video interview (embedded …

Seeking prior art where it most often is found in software

By Andy Oram
August 28, 2012

Patent ambushes are on the rise again, and cases such as Apple/Samsung shows that prior art really has to swing the decision–obviousness or novelty is not a strong enough defense. Obviousness and novelty are subjective decisions made by a patent …

Commerce Weekly: Apple buys into NFC security

Commerce Weekly: Apple buys into NFC security
By Jenn Webb
August 2, 2012

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. Apple looking to secure NFC? Further fueling the rumors the next gen iPhone will include NFC (there hardly seems to be much doubt at this …

Commerce Weekly: Paydiant’s white label mobile wallet gets Series B funding

Commerce Weekly: Paydiant’s white label mobile wallet gets Series B funding
By Jenn Webb
July 12, 2012

White label mobile wallet platform Paydiant gets Series B funding, PayAnywhere's CEO argues mobile is the biggest thing to hit retail since Visa, and Apple's (presumed) inclusion of NFC may not (initially) be used for a mobile wallet. (Commerce Weekly is produced as part of a partnership between O'Reilly and PayPal.)

Amazon as friend and foe

By Joe Wikert
July 3, 2012

In this TOC podcast, Greenleaf Book Group founder and CEO Clint Greenleaf shares a unique perspective on working with and competing against Amazon. He also addresses the DOJ lawsuit and offers thoughts on the future of ereaders.

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