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Asynchronous Processing with PHP on App Engine

By Amy Unruh
July 1, 2013

Note: Amy Unruh, Google Cloud Platform Developer Relations, is just one of the many fantastic speakers we have at OSCON this year. If you are interested in attending to check out Amy’s talk or the many other cool sessions, click …

Four short links: 14 June 2014

By Nat Torkington
June 14, 2013

How Geeks Opened up the UK Government (Guardian) — excellent video introduction to how the UK is transforming its civil service to digital delivery. Most powerful moment for me was scrolling through various depts’ web sites and seeing consistent visual …

The App Engine Birds of a Feather at Pycon 2009

By Charles Severance
April 6, 2009

This was my second Pycon - since the last two have been in Chicago and on a weekend it has been an easy drive for me to attend coming from Michigan. Since last year was my first time at Pycon...

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