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Transforming the Web (through transformation)

By Simon St. Laurent
April 1, 2014

Thousands of people invented it independently. Millions use it without thinking about a broader context. It’s time to name it so we can talk about it. Transformation is changing the way we look at the balance between clients and servers, …

A concrete approach to learning how to program for beginners

By Semmy Purewal
March 6, 2014

As someone who has previously taught computer programming for nearly a decade, I’m often asked questions that involve “what’s the best way to go about learning to program computers,” or “what’s the best way to get a software engineering job,” …

Squeaky Clean Ajax and Comet with Lift

By Richard Dallaway
July 23, 2013

Lift is a web framework for Scala, and is probably best known for having great Comet and Ajax support. I’ve been touring the features of Lift that I find appealing. Initially I looked at designer-friendly templates and REST services. Recently, …

Smuggling Web Practices into the Enterprise

By Simon St. Laurent
June 5, 2013

At last year’s Fluent Conference, I kept having the same conversation with attendees from large companies. They had come to the show with a mandate from their bosses to figure out how to bring that fast-moving web work into their …

What Kind of JavaScript Developer Are You?

By Simon St. Laurent
May 14, 2013

“JavaScript developer” is a description that hides tremendous diversity. While every language has a range of user skill levels, JavaScript has a remarkably fragmented community. People come to JavaScript for different reasons from different places, and this can make communication …

Using Schematron to validate forms in a web browser

By Rick Jelliffe
January 8, 2012

Web programmer Daniel Epstein has a series up on his blog Ursa Dimished, called Simplify with an XML data model: it includes a page on using Schematron for browser-side validation of forms. Daniel is another developer who is frustrated that...

Top Ajax Technologies and RIA Frameworks

By Theresa Neil
January 17, 2011

The Gartner RIA Report in 2010 rated 22 Ajax technologies and RIA Frameworks. They define the Ajax/RIA market as "a set of technology offerings oriented to meeting the needs of application development teams to build systems that deliver a rich...

New directions in web architecture. Again.

New directions in web architecture. Again.
By Mike Loukides
November 16, 2010

Modern applications require data. That means developers must see themselves as data providers, and they must create stable public APIs for accessing that data.

Four short links: 24 September 2010

By Nat Torkington
September 24, 2010

Making Ajax Applications Crawlable (Google) -- Google's system for allowing Ajax applications to provide HTML snapshots for search engines. (via alexdong on twitter) Security Lessons Learned from the Diaspora Launch -- great explanation of the programming mistakes that were in the Diaspora code, and the security risks that resulted. Again, I recommend the OWASP site if you aren't aware...

Four short links: 16 June 2010

By Nat Torkington
June 16, 2010

So You Want to Be A Consultant -- absolutely spot-on tips for understanding the true business of a consultant. (via Hacker News) BBYIDX -- a free and open source idea-gathering application written in Ruby, [...] the basis of the Best Buy IdeaX website. The Git Parable -- The following parable will take you on a journey through the creation...

Ajax readyState is 4 but status 0

By Kyle Dent
April 22, 2010

No doubt many of you have run across this before, but it had me scratching my head for a bit. I have some client-side JavaScript code that makes an XMLHttpRequest (or the equivalent on IE) and should get back a...

The Best and the Worst Tech of the Decade

By James Turner
December 17, 2009

With only a few weeks left until we close out the 'naughts and move into the teens, it's almost obligatory to take a look back at the best and not-so-best of the last decade. With that in mind, I polled the O'Reilly editors, authors, Friends, and a number of industry movers and shakers to gather nominations. I then tossed them in the trash and made up my own compiled them together and looked for trends and common threads. So here then, in no particular order, are the best and the worst that the decade had to offer.

28 Rich Data Visualization Tools

By Theresa Neil
December 10, 2009

We're currently working with a dozen different clients, all web application (re)designs. All of these clients have data rich applications and need equally rich data visualizations to help their end customers analyze data quickly and effectively. What makes my job really interesting is that these clients are in different industries and are using different technologies. So we have pulled together a set of 25 tools for creating graphs, Gantt charts, diagrammers, calendars/schedulers, gauges, mapping, pivot tables, OLAP cubes, and sparklines, in Flash, Flex, Ajax or Silverlight.

GWT Now With SpeedTracer

By Brady Forrest
December 9, 2009

Google is releasing v2 of GWT (pronounced "Gwit") tonight at a Campfire One in Mountain View. The open-source Google Web Toolkit enables developers to code Ajax web apps in Java. This latest release is focused on speed (just like the latest iPhone) and improved dev-designer collaboration. I was on a call with Bruce Johnson and Andy Bowers to learn...

Using Google Analytics With AJAX

By John Barlow
November 19, 2009

A couple months ago I wrote an article on how to use Dojo to create a rich UI for websites. One of the key points of the article was how to support all users -- those with JavaScript enabled and those without. The purpose of this was to enable basic browsers like search engine spiders to go through your site without JavaScript, while enabling the rich interface for your regular users.

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

Announcing O'Reilly Answers - Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.
By Allen Noren
November 4, 2009

We're launching the beta of O'Reilly Answers, and I'm inviting you to be part of it. In brief, O'Reilly Answers is a community site for sharing knowledge, asking questions, and providing answers that brings together our customers, authors, editors, conference speakers, and Foo (Friends of O'Reilly). O'Reilly is at the center of an amazing exchange of knowledge sharing and idea generation, and we want you to join us in changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.

50 Most Usable RIAs

By Theresa Neil
September 2, 2009

We applied two simple criteria to identify the 50 most usable RIAs: Number 1: Does it adhere to the 10 basic usability principles? Number 2: Is it really rich? Developing a product with Ajax, Flex, or Silverlight doesn't inherently make it rich. A usable RIA will embody these six principles: Make it Direct, Keep it Lightweight, Stay in the Page, Provide an Invitation, Use Transitions, React Immediately.

Using Ajax and Search Referrer Info to Help Users Navigate Your Site

By Kyle Dent
July 22, 2009

Using the referrer URL to detect what brought users to your site can let you help them find what they're looking for. The almost magical asynchronicity of Ajax lets you provide additional content for users from search engines. It requires only minor changes to your site and doesn't affect the experience for others.

Quick video example of Firebug

By Raymond Camden
June 16, 2009

A quick video demonstrating how Firebug can be used to debug an Ajax problem.

Open Question: When not to RIA?

By Raymond Camden
May 6, 2009

Open question about how folks make decisions on how much/how well they will support non-JavaScript enabled clients.

Detecting an End of Session event with jQuery

By Raymond Camden
April 29, 2009

A look at how you can use jQuery and ColdFusion to detect when an session has ended while using an AJAX call.

Playing with jQuery's ajaxSetup Function

By Raymond Camden
April 22, 2009

A quick look at jQuery's ajaxSetup feature.

jQuery/Server Side Tip on Detecting Ajax Calls

By Raymond Camden
April 9, 2009

Can we detect when a request is made to our server via an Ajax-based call as opposed to a 'normal' request? In this entry I talk about how you can accomplish such a task with jQuery and ColdFusion.

jQuery FTW for March 20, 2009

By Raymond Camden
March 20, 2009

Welcome to (yet another) recap of jQuery-related items. The first day of Spring brings us... jQuery UI 1.7.1 : This is a 'point' release for the jQuery UI library. You can view a changelog for an official list of what...

jQuery FTW for March 13, 2009

By Raymond Camden
March 13, 2009

A review of interesting jQuery finds from the past week.

Creating your own Side bar "widget" using SpryDOMUtils and SpryEffects! Part 2

By Arnout Kazemier
February 11, 2009

In part 1 of this article I showed you how to a build your own widget using SpryDOMUtils and SpryEffects. In this article we are going to evolve the widget, making it more powerful, unobstructive and easier to use. We...

Creating your own Side bar "widget" using SpryDOMUtils and SpryEffects! Part 1

By Arnout Kazemier
February 11, 2009

The Adobe Spry Framework is ideal for creating your own little widgets using existing Spry components as your tools. The best thing about Spry is that it requires very little knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. With the two files...

Internet Explorer Fades, Firefox Stays the Course, Google Chrome Surges

By Kurt Cagle
January 6, 2009

Poor IE. Like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, it seems to have a hard time getting much respect these days. Within Microsoft it has long been the unwanted stepchild - ignored when Microsoft shifted gears towards server-side technologies in...

Google Native Client: A Game Changer or an Also-Ran?

By Richard Monson-Haefel
December 15, 2008

Friday Google announced a new RIA platform called Google Native Client (NaCl). NaCl provides a browser plug-in that allows your browser to run C/C++ applications directly on your x86 processor.

Prototype.js Utility Functions Primer

By Jeremy Bierly
November 11, 2008

Prototype is one of the more popular JavaScript libraries and is used on a number of popular HTML based web applications, like Twitter and Apple's mobile me.

Visual Studio 2008: Rich IntelliSense for jQuery

By Jeremy Bierly
November 6, 2008

Last week, Microsoft released Rich IntelliSense for jQuery for Visual Studio 2008. This will also work for Visual Web Developer 2008 Express. This comes a month after the anouncement that jQuery will be shipping with future releases of VS 2008, making jQuery the official JavaScript framework for developing .NET AJAX applications.

Poll Results: Which AJAX framework do you currently prefer?

By Rich Tretola
November 3, 2008

Wow, this was an active poll. After nearly 500 votes, with almost 50% of the vote Dojo is the clear winner. JQuery takes second place with over 20% of the vote and the rest share the remaining 30%. So, it...

New Poll: Which AJAX framework do you currently prefer?

By Rich Tretola
October 27, 2008

The AJAX development community certainly has a large variety of frameworks to choose from. So, our new poll question asks which you currently prefer. I know that most AJAX developers have used more that one of these and may even...

Will jQuery dominate the Ajax arena?

By Richard Monson-Haefel
October 1, 2008

jQuery has been quickly gaining ground over the course of the bast couple of years and with the announcement by Microsoft and Nokia, jQuery it could come to dominate the Ajax market.

New Book: Head First Ajax

New Book: Head First Ajax
By O'Reilly Media
September 15, 2008

Head First Ajax gives you an up-to-date perspective that lets you see exactly what you can do -- and has been done -- with Ajax. Using the unique and highly effective visual format that makes Head First titles popular, this book offers a big picture overview to introduce Ajax, and then explores the use of individual Ajax components -- including the JavaScript event model, DOM, XML, JSON, and more -- as it progresses. Learn more.

Duane is back, Episode 10!

By Rich Tretola
September 12, 2008

Duane Nickull is back with episode 10 of Duane's World. This episode features Clive Goodinson talking about AJAX, Flash, Pixton, PHP and other technologies. It also includes a demo of Pixton which is a comic book animator.

Seeking Ubiquity

By Kurt Cagle
September 9, 2008

The command line is perhaps the most fundamental of all user interfaces - at a terminal, a prompt character appears that you can type in a command with zero or more arguments, then press the Return key to evaluate that command. As an interface it has some serious limitations - there are typically few indications about what specifically can be typed into that interface, or the action that will ensue once you do enter the line, but for programmers in particular, the command line is also the foundation on which every other user interface ultimately rests.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released

By Andre Charland
August 28, 2008

Yesterday Microsoft released IE 8 Beta 2. It's likely the most anticipated release of the browser to date, for developers anyway. This is because they've done a lot to support CSS 2.1 and HTML 5 standards, which is everyone agrees is a good thing. It might not be perfect yet but they seem to be making good progress.

Video Based Enterprise Ajax Training

By Andre Charland
August 23, 2008

Dave Johnson, Alexei White and I have finally completed our video training series on Ajax development for high performance and large scale Ajax UIs. We took the book, Enterprise Ajax, we wrote last year and then recorded just over 8hrs worth of Ajax training. Hopefully it's a bit easier for folks to swallow than the 500 page book;-)

Google Provides Location to web and mobile apps

By Andre Charland
August 22, 2008

Google announced 2 new ways to make your apps location aware yesterday. One's a web service that any web can take advantage the second is built into Google Gears, and runs on the mobile version of this plugin.

The Batmobile, Lamborghini, and my Suburban

By Richard Monson-Haefel
July 23, 2008

When you choose a RIA platform you have to consider many things and in many cases Ajax, Flash/Flex, or Silverlight will do the job nicely. But there are occasions when you need something much more powerful and that’s when you should take a serious look at Curl.

Dreamweaver CS4 - Beta Demo

By Andre Charland
July 16, 2008

In case you haven't been following there's been some buzz about Dreamweaver recently and the next version is drastically improved for today's web developer. Whether you're focused on design or interactive user interfaces with JavaScript you should definitely take a look and download the beta. They're going away from WYISYG everything and just trying to make coding easier. In this screencast I caught up with Scott Fegette from the Dreamweaver product management team to get a demo of the new features.

YUI DataTable Component

By Daniel Barreiro
June 28, 2008

The DataTable component allows us to display and manipulate tabular data. It can be used to enhance an existing HTML table, produce one based on data fetched from a remote data source in JSON, XML or CSV format or a local (client side) source in a few more formats.

Podcast: YUI with Nate Koechley

By Andre Charland
June 26, 2008

In this episode I get an overview of the Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI ) from Nate Koechley. We cover topics including how Nate got started there, the various elements in YUI, why Yahoo builds and maintains this library. We also touched on some of the more unique elements of Yahoo's offering for JavaScript developers including their integration with Flash, the Yahoo Pattern Library and how Yahoo plans to get more open source with their code.

Top Ajax Frameworks for High Traffic Sites

By Andre Charland
June 26, 2008

Web monitoring company, Pingdom, decided the to look into the most popular Ajax frameworks. "The websites were collected from the Alexa US Top 100 and the Webware Top 100 Web Apps. The frameworks we looked for were Prototype, JQuery, MooTools, Yahoo! UI Library, Dojo, ExtJS and MochiKit. We quickly saw that Dojo, ExtJS and MochiKit were not used at all by these sites, which lead us to focus on the other four in this article."

Which Analytics Matter in RIAs?

By Andre Charland
June 18, 2008

Robert Hoekman Jr is dispelling some common myths in the world of web analytics. The first part of the article regarding hits vs page view vs visitors will likely be old news to most readers of this blog and RIA developers in general. This is still very valuable for most folks out there and worth the read. Towards the end of the article Robert makes a great point that page views for RIAs have become almost irrelevant.

The YAHOO! User Interface Library - YUI

By Daniel Barreiro
June 13, 2008

Little more than a two years ago YAHOO! decided to make its library of cross-browser JavaScript components available to the public with a BSD license as the YUI, the YAHOO! User Interface library. It is now reaching the end of its second major version with dozens of minor versions, each new one bringing a few more components with it.

NitobiBug - Cross Browser Ajax Debugging

By Andre Charland
June 11, 2008

Alexei White just released NitobiBug, it's a handy little cross browser logging and object inspector. Think of FireBug but cross browser.

Writing Your First YUI Application

By Eric Miraglia
May 14, 2008

The promise of JavaScript/CSS libraries like the free, BSD-licensed Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is that they make it easier to create rich interfaces in the browser. In this article, we'll explore the creation of a simple web app using YUI and look closely at the YUI paradigm.

Cuzillion - Optimizing Web App Assets and Scripts

By Andre Charland
May 1, 2008

Steve Souders the creator of YSlow has now released Cuzillion which is essentially a page load simulation tool. Very cool for figuring the best way to structure your and in which order to load assets.

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