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LISA mixes the ancient and modern: report from USENIX system administration conference

By Andy Oram
December 14, 2012

I came to LISA, the classic USENIX conference, to find out this year who was using such advanced techniques as cloud computing, continuous integration, non-relational databases, and IPv6. I found lots of evidence of those technologies in action, but also …

Tracking Salesforce’s push toward developers

By Timothy M. O'Brien
October 9, 2012

Have you ever seen Salesforce’s “no software” graphic? It’s the word “software” surrounded by a circle with a red line through it. Here’s a picture of the related (and dancing) “no software” mascot. Now, if you consider yourself a developer, …

New Systems Administration Certificate Series

By Dan Bassett
September 18, 2012

The Linux/Unix Systems Administration certificate series is consistently one of the most popular OST offerings. When we initially presented the series, along with it we introduced a revolutionary new way for students to learn how to administer Linux and Unix … Continue reading

Jesse Robbins on the state of infrastructure automation

By Timothy M. O'Brien
May 11, 2012

OpsCode chief community officer Jesse Robbins discusses cloud infrastructure automation and the most surprising use of Chef he's seen so far.

What's New in CFEngine 3: Making System Administration Even More Powerful

By Andy Oram
October 28, 2011

CFEngine is a surprisingly flexible and fast tool for distributed configuration management. A new version was released this week.

Most Useful Reports Based On Log Data?

By Anton Chuvakin
July 14, 2010

Help define the most useful reports from log data

Understanding the Cloud Landscape

Understanding the Cloud Landscape
By George Reese
April 29, 2010

Making sense out of all of the components of cloud computing confuses even many of the major analysts. It's easy to understand how Google, Amazon, or fit into the picture. But who is Eucalyptus and what do they do? Does CohesiveFT compete with enStratus or does it complement enStratus? And what is this vCloud thing anyway?

The Final Brain Dump

By Chris Josephes
February 24, 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I put in my notice at Internet Broadcasting, setting out for things bigger and better. In the meantime I've been reviewing projects, contacting vendors, and updating documentation. While I've been doing that other administrators are secretly...

Your Cloud Needs a Sys Admin

By George Reese
October 15, 2009

I've attended a number of CloudCamps around the world, and the question as to whether systems administrators are relevant in the post-cloud world always seems to come up. Let's put this silly question to bed: your cloud needs a sys admin.

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