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Publishing News: Our brains on screens

By Jenn Webb
April 26, 2013

Digital vs paper: ink on paper may still have the advantage In a recent edition of Scientific American, Ferris Jabr took a look at how technology is affecting the way we read and the differences between reading on screens and …

Strata Week: Big data’s big future

By Jenn Webb
December 21, 2012

Here are a few stories from the data space that caught my attention this week. Big data will continue to be a big deal “Big data” became something of a buzz phrase in 2012, with its role in the US …

The United States (Code) is on Github

By Alex Howard
December 6, 2012

When Congress launched in beta, they didn’t open the data. This fall, a trio of open government developers took it upon themselves to do what custodians of the U.S. Code and laws in the Library of Congress could have …

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