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The RSA/NSA controversy concerns you!

By Jeffrey Carr
February 18, 2014

As a cyber security author and CEO of a security consulting company, I was personally shocked by the RSA’s attitude about the alleged secret payments it received from the NSA as well as its willingness to weaken its BSAFE product; …

From the Trenches of RSA - Be Aware of Your Risks

By Sarah Sorensen
March 2, 2012

Awareness of the risks of the network is vital to keeping the information flowing through safe. So what are the attacks, and what can you do...

The Watering Hole - Speciality Counseling

The Watering Hole - Speciality Counseling
By James Turner
October 24, 2010

But little did any of them know that Eve was secretly listening in on the whole conversation...

RSA 2008

By Ben Lorica
April 23, 2008

Bruce Schneier's post about the recent RSA conference made me realize that my reaction to walking the exhibition hall may have been the norm. I have talked to enough security vendors to know that their basic message is constant: (1) security threats are extremely serious and rapidly growing problems, (2) their innovative solutions will render most of these threats harmless....

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The Watering Hole