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Relational databases as reality sandwiches: thoughts about C.J. Date's "SQL and Relational Theory"

By Andy Oram
July 15, 2009

I recently returned to SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code by C.J. Date, a leading researcher in the field of relational databases, as I learned more about some of the alternative forms of data storage that are becoming popular for Web-based or text-heavy repositories.

RDFa: not the flopperooni one would expect?

By Rick Jelliffe
January 16, 2009

The W3C's RDF effort has, in the main, been an enormous flop. Now it seems that RDF/Semantic Web is in a much more solid position than before, and if it is positioned now as a technology that fits in and augments existing systems, it has a chance of working. RDFa, RDF Schema in Schematron, GRDDL

RDFa and HTML5: UK Government Experience

0 September 4, 2008

There was a lot of discussion on the WHATWG mailing list last week about the role and utility of RDFa, whether it’s something that should be supported in HTML5, and what that support should look like. The objections to adding...

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