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ePayments Week: Where adds context to PayPal

ePayments Week: Where adds context to PayPal
By David Sims
April 21, 2011

EBay's purchase of a mobile advertising and check-in service adds another piece to its mobile payment puzzle. Also, the White House calls for an online identity ecosystem and two researchers discover caches of location data left unencrypted on their iPhones.

Being online: Your identity online--getting down to basics

By Andy Oram
December 20, 2009

The Internet provides minimal information about us when we go online, but compensates by providing immediate, dynamic exploitation of that information. This section of the identity article shows what we tell others just be connecting to the Internet.

Will Norris tackles privacy using OpenID

By Andy Oram
August 4, 2009

Identity expert Will Norris has two new blogs about OpenID's potential use for privacy.

Privacy and open government: conversations with EPIC and others about OpenID

By Andy Oram
August 3, 2009

Ideas about privacy policies, anonymity, and technical impacts, springing from a discussion with a director from the Electronic Privacy Information Center and from comments on an earlier blog.

Shortening cookies: Using OpenID to improve government privacy online

By Andy Oram
July 30, 2009

The OMB recently requested new perspectives on the federal cookie policy. My proposal took the opportunity to re-examine the federal approach to privacy.

Getting OpenID Into the Browser

By David Recordon
December 2, 2008

Imagine if your web browser knew who you were on the web. Just as you login to your computer, what if when you fired up your browser, it said "Hello Dave" and asked you to "unlock it" as well. In doing so you become securely logged into your OpenID provider and as you move around the web your browser takes care of automatically logging you into the sites that you want to be, asking you about others, and helping you register with new ones using your OpenID. Argue as much as you want about the details in making this happen, but I think it's hard to disagree that making it easier for people to manage and use their identity (or identities) online is a bad thing.

Microsoft Releases a Technology Preview of OpenID for Windows Live

By David Recordon
October 27, 2008

This morning at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, the Windows Live ID team announced that Windows Live ID will support OpenID 2.0 with a Community Technology Preview today and production support sometime next year.

Portable Contacts API Starts to Get Real

By David Recordon
September 11, 2008

This evening Joseph and John of Plaxo and I have been hosting a hackathon at Six Apart for the Portable Contacts API (video about PorC). The Portable Contacts API is designed "to make it easier for developers to give their users a secure way to access the address books and friends lists they have built up all over the...

Building Better Silos

By Mike Loukides
April 10, 2008

It's been good to watch the use of OpenID spread. It's great to see that has dropped "traditional login" in favor of OpenID. And I was encouraged to read about Yahoo's support of OpenID. Granted, it took me a while to get around to trying it. But when I got around to trying it, Yahoo!ID was a disappointment. The...

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