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Augmenting Unstructured Data

By Jesse Anderson
July 17, 2013

Our world is filled with unstructured data. By some estimates, it’s as high as 80% of all data. Unstructured data is data that isn’t in a specific format. It isn’t separated by a delimiter that you could split on and …

Visualization of the Week: NFL rushing stats

By Jenn Webb
November 28, 2012

Juice Labs has cooked up an interactive visualization, “The Spider,” showing rushing tendencies of every NFL team from the 2008 through 2011 seasons. Want to know which way the New England Patriots typically run — and the average or total …

Super Bowl in the Digital Age

By Sarah Sorensen
February 8, 2010

Technology is playing a critical role in sports, both improving the experience and extending the life of any particular event. Fans can connect with their favorite teams through their online communities; they can play digital games as their favorite players and participate in Fantasy Football leagues with people from around the globe. All of which serve to increase the interest and affinity viewers have for the game, creating ties to players, organizations and the league that fuel multibillion dollar apparel and merchandising industries.

Using R to answer a football question

By Joseph Adler
December 16, 2009

Last Monday night, I was watching the Ravens playing the Packers at Green Bay. Mostly, I was watching penalties. This game featured an astounding number of penalty calls: 23 calls, 310 yards. I wondered whether penalties really affect the outcome of football games. Here's what I figured out in 15 minutes, with a little help from R.

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