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Ruby is for Java

By Timothy M. O'Brien
July 19, 2011

Bob McWhirter, JBoss Fellow, Codehaus Despot, and creator of TorqueBox, discusses the boundary between Java and Ruby and his efforts to make Torquebox "a real first-class Ruby platform that works the way Rubyists expect".

Feeding the community fuels advances at Red Hat and JBoss

By Andy Oram
May 8, 2011

Red Hat's usual modus operandi is the precise inverse of most companies based on open source. This drives what I heard at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, solid progress along the lines laid out by Red Hat and JBoss in previous years.

Red Hat Overhauls the Enterprise Software Stack

By Andy Oram
June 24, 2010

Red Hat is openly badgering large, IT-driven organizations to move away from comfortable patterns and to adopt what they believe to be the best virtualization platform, the best cloud API, the best data storage mechanism, and so on.

Anatomy of an Enterprise Flex RIA Part 11: Testing What We Have

By Tony Hillerson
March 31, 2008

Last installment we looked at the interfaces for the service layer of our application. In Part 11 of Anatomy of an Enterprise Flex RIA, we'll look at using TestNG, a Java test framework, to test our application so far. This feature is packed with code samples! Every Monday we bring you another installment in the series.

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