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Land of long white cloud sees through the fog - An end to embedded software patents

By Rick Jelliffe
July 16, 2010

Dawn comes first in New Zealand! From the New Zealand governments website: Commerce Minister Simon Power has instructed the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) to develop guidelines to allow inventions that contain embedded software to be patented....

What should happen with OOXML/ODF after the i4i patent?

By Rick Jelliffe
March 24, 2010

Alex Brown has a recently blogged on Document Format Standards and Patents. Some points of interest: Alex expects the customXML feature should be taken out of the new OOXML Strict (the dialect of OOXML which represent what National Bodies actually...

"U.S. industry competitiveness depends on standardization": Open Standards and Patents discussed at WIPO:

By Rick Jelliffe
March 26, 2009

WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) meeting this week includes a session on Standards and Patents. There has long been a strong need for better international regulatory clarity on the overlap between standards and patents (or copyright): in particular to provide the necessary legal and administrative superstructure for the emergence and favouring of Open Standards. Among other reasons, to stop FUD and rorting.

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