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Court Prods FCC in Unexpected Direction in This Week’s Verizon Ruling

By Andy Oram
January 16, 2014

A court ruling this past Tuesday on FCC “network neutrality” regulation closes and opens a few paths in a three-way chess game that has been going on for years between the US District Court of Appeals, the FCC, and the …

Court prods FCC in unexpected direction in this week’s Verizon ruling

By Andy Oram
January 16, 2014

A court ruling this past Tuesday on FCC “network neutrality” regulation closes and opens a few paths in a three-way chess game that has been going on for years between the US District Court of Appeals, the FCC, and the …

Who will upgrade the telecom foundation of the Internet?

By Andy Oram
December 9, 2013

Although readers of this blog know quite well the role that the Internet can play in our lives, we may forget that its most promising contributions — telemedicine, the smart electrical grid, distance education, etc. — depend on a rock-solid …

NYC’s PLAN to alert citizens to danger during Hurricane Sandy

By Alex Howard
October 30, 2012

Starting at around 8:36 PM ET last night, as Hurricane Sandy began to flood the streets of lower Manhattan, many New Yorkers began to receive an unexpected message: a text alert on their mobile phones that strongly urged them to …

A discussion with David Farber: bandwidth, cyber security, and the obsolescence of the Internet

By Andy Oram
January 30, 2012

I pumped Farber for big ideas about where the Internet is headed: how long it can last, slaying the bandwidth bottleneck, and waiting for the big breach. reboots as an open government platform reboots as an open government platform
By Alex Howard
April 5, 2011

The new version of incorporates the principles of Web 2.0 into the FCC's online operations. From open data to platform thinking, the reboot elevates from one of the worst federal websites to one of the best.

"Copy, paste, map"

By Alex Howard
February 8, 2011, a new project from the FCC and FortiusOne, aims to convert open data into knowledge and insight.

The State of the Web 2010: Net Neutrality and the FCC

By RJ Owen
December 30, 2010

If the Holiday season has had you too distracted to notice, the FCC made an important ruling that impacts net neutrality last week. The full text of the ruling (warning: big PDF) was only recently made available late last week and so in-depth analysis on the ruling has taken some time. In this post I try to give a quick overview of what those rules were, and then describe the whole net neutrality situation from the perspective of someone who came of age around the same time that the web did.

Steve Wozniak on the FCC and Internet freedom

Steve Wozniak on the FCC and Internet freedom
By Alex Howard
December 21, 2010

After penning an open letter to the FCC on net neutrality, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made a surprise appearance at the Federal Communication Commission's public hearing on new open Internet rules.

Geeks and government converge at the FCC

By Alex Howard
November 9, 2010

What's the potential for geeks to work with government for better outcomes? Gina Trapani talked with O'Reilly Media about the first FCC Developer Day, ThinkUp App and Gov 2.0.

Four short links: 9 September 2010

By Nat Torkington
September 9, 2010

CloudUSB -- a USB key containing your operating environment and your data + a protected folder so nobody can access you data, even if you lost the key + a backup program which keeps a copy of your data on an online disk, with double password protection. (via ferrouswheel on Twitter) FCC APIs -- for spectrum licenses, consumer broadband... poised for an overdue overhaul poised for an overdue overhaul
By Alex Howard
September 2, 2010

The Federal Communications Commission is prepping a significant reboot of its website. In this interview, FCC managing director Steven VanRoekel explains how citizen participation and open government are shaping the new

What I get and don't get about the Google/Verizon proposal

By Andy Oram
August 11, 2010

I don't see the proposal being adopted in any regulatory context--it's too vague and limited--but it's interesting for what it says about Google and Verizon.

Four short links: 6 May 2010

By Nat Torkington
May 6, 2010

Ethics and Economics -- This paper looks at the evidence that suggests that ethical behaviour is good for the economy. FCC to Regulate Broadband -- Two FCC officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will announce Thursday that the commission considers broadband service a hybrid between an information service and a utility and...

Opinion - How the Role of the F.C.C. Impacts Internet Providers

By Sarah Sorensen
April 7, 2010

On April 6th, a federal appeals court ruled that the F.C.C. did not have the authority to regulate how Internet service providers manage their network. While potentially a win for Internet providers, it is now more important than ever for providers to be transparent in their actions to sustain customer loyalty...

DC Circuit court rules in Comcast case, leaves the FCC a job to do

By Andy Oram
April 6, 2010

The DC Circuit didn't tell the FCC to turn back. It has a job to do--promoting the spread of high-speed networking, and ensuring that it is affordable by growing numbers of people--and it just has to find the right tool for the job.

Report from HIMMS Health IT conference: building or bypassing infrastructure

By Andy Oram
March 5, 2010

lectronic record systems need all kinds of underlying support. Your patient doesn't want to hear, "You need an antibiotic right away, but we'll order it tomorrow when our IT guy comes in to reboot the system." Your accounts manager would be almost as upset if you told her that billing will be delayed for the same reason.

Google Enters the Home Broadband Market

Google Enters the Home Broadband Market
By James Turner
February 10, 2010

In a week already full of Google announcements, another bomb was casually dropped today via Google's blog. The Borg from California announced that it was experimentally entering the Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) market, and that they planned to offer much higher speeds than current offerings (1Gb/sec) and competitive pricing. The announcement also talks about what, when you remove the marketspeak, is a commitment to net neutrality in their service. This, of course, is not surprising, given Google's strong lobbying for neutrality to the FCC and congress.

Innovation Battles Investment as FCC Road Show Returns to Cambridge

By Andy Oram
January 14, 2010

Yesterday's FCC panel show that innovation and investment are not always companions on the Internet. An in-depth look at the current state of the debate over competition and network neutrality.

Taxonomy experts presume to teach FCC something about communication

By Andy Oram
September 21, 2009

The Sunlight Foundation wants to redesign the FCC web site, but experts in taxonomy recommend a more deliberate strategy.

A Crowd-Sourced National Communications Census

By Carl Malamud
July 18, 2009

The FCC is charged with creating a National Broadband Plan in 2010. But how can we plan for the future is we don't know where we are? Here, we propose a crowd-sourced National Communications Census.

FCC discusses broadband: the job is a big one

By Andy Oram
May 27, 2009

Related to a proposal I submitted for local forums to implement high-speed networks, the FCC released "Bringing Broadband to Rural America: Report on a Rural Broadband Strategy."

Local forums to implement high-speed networks (broadband); proposal open for votes

By Andy Oram
May 24, 2009

I've posted a proposal titled Local forums to implement high-speed networks (broadband) to a forum on open government put up by the White House. Voting is currently underway.

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