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Can Markup Unite?

By Simon St. Laurent
August 8, 2013

A few years ago, I stopped talking about XML and starting talking about markup. After a few too many conversations with developers who had found XHTML, web services, and various other things that had proudly branded themselves with the “X,” …

O’Reilly’s journey to EPUB 3

By Sanders Kleinfeld
February 7, 2013

We at O’Reilly are very pleased to announce that we have officially upgraded to EPUB 3, and ebook bundles purchased from will now include EPUB 3 files, in addition to Mobi and PDF files. All O’Reilly ebooks released in …

Collaborative Publishing: One Brand New Title, One Success

By Keith Fahlgren
September 29, 2009

Another site focused on collaborative publishing, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, launches while we look back on the first attempt to improve manuscripts by engaging the community in an open and collaborative dialog with the authors, Programming Scala.

DocBook-XSL 1.74.1 Released with Improved ePub Output

By Keith Fahlgren
February 18, 2009

Generate ePub files from your DocBook XML today using the first stable release with ePub support, DocBook-XSL 1.74.1.

Reviving the Labs - "It's alive...."

By Simon St. Laurent
February 10, 2009

After a long hibernation, O'Reilly Labs has returned, with a mix of software and code that should excite casual ebook readers as well as dedicated publishing technologists.

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