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In Praise of the Lone Contributor

By Kathryn Barrett
August 2, 2013

Over the years, OSCON has become a big conference. With over 3900 registered this year, it was hard not to look at the packed hallways and sessions and think what a huge crowd it is. The number of big-name companies …

Report from Debian Conference

By Andy Oram
August 6, 2010

DebConf 2010 was held in New York City. This blog covers several interesting presentations and some general observations about the Debian community.

The MIPS Processor and the $150 Linux Netbook

The MIPS Processor and the $150 Linux Netbook
By Caitlyn Martin
May 29, 2009

Last week I wrote about two different projections claiming that Linux will recapture 50% of the netbook market, either in three years or by next year. Compelling MIPS and ARM based systems are the reason I believe those projections are correct. Current versions of Windows won't run on ARM or MIPS processor based systems at all. [...] Lightweight, optimized versions of Linux are another matter entirely. They run just fine for many applications on the MIPS based systems released so far despite processor speeds ranging from 400 to 800 MHz. If that sounds slow please remember that the original Asus EeePC was underclocked to 600MHz and sold like proverbial hotcakes.

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