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What CouchDB can do for HTML5, web development and mobile

What CouchDB can do for HTML5, web development and mobile
By Audrey Watters
June 29, 2011

OSCON speaker Bradley Holt talks about what CouchDB offers web developers, how the database works with HTML5, and why CouchApps could catch on.

Four short links: 5 May 2011

By Nat Torkington
May 5, 2011

Why We Chose MongoDB for (SlideShare) -- they're using MongoDB's flexible schema, as schema upgrades were pain in their previous system (Oracle). I think of these as the database equivalent of dynamic typing in languages like Perl and Ruby. (via Paul Rowe) Solving Problems with Visual Analytics -- This book is the result of a community effort of...

Improving healthcare in Zambia with CouchDB

Improving healthcare in Zambia with CouchDB
By James Turner
March 31, 2011

A new project in Zambia is trying to integrate supervisors, clinics, and community healthcare workers into an unified system that can improve patient service and provide more data. In this interview, Cory Zue explains how CouchDB is playing a role.

Strata Gems: CouchDB in the browser

By Edd Dumbill
December 24, 2010

The JSCouch project is a partial implementation of CouchDB in the browser, letting you experience CouchDB's storage and MapReduce queries without installing any software.

Strata Week: Keeping it clean

By Julie Steele
November 18, 2010

Red-R provides a GUI for the powerful statistics of R while Webmine makes HTML handling a breeze in Clojure; the Truthy project looks at suspicious Twitter memes; CouchDB helps provide healthcare in rural Zambia; and Google Refine cleans and sanitizes your datasets with ease.

Strata Week: Army anomalies

By Edd Dumbill
October 15, 2010

In this edition of Strata Week: the Army turns to big data to sniff out internal threats; CouchDB helps with collaborative video editing; Riak adds full-text searching; and a look at notable Hadoop World announcements.

CouchDB and MongoDB announce new products involving replication

CouchDB and MongoDB announce new products involving replication
By Andy Oram
August 10, 2010

CouchDB announced an Android app that downloads a CouchDB database to the device, while MongoDB adds auto-sharding and replication sets to its product.

NoSQL: Staying for the feature presentation

By Andy Oram
March 12, 2010

I left the NoSQL Live conference in Boston with the impression that features rather than architecture drive the adoption of NoSQL projects.

NoSQL conference coming to Boston

By Andy Oram
February 24, 2010

On March 11 Boston will host a conference on the movement broadly known as NoSQL. This blog looks at who uses these projects and discusses the role of open source communities.

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