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The IT Energy Challenge

By Sarah Sorensen
September 12, 2011

How do you balance 10 percent of the world's energy consumption with technology's potential to push the boundaries and redefine the world as we presently experience it? How do you balance 3 percent of the world's emissions with a promise to connect and support opportunities on a scale that will improve our personal, business, and civic lives?

The Sustainable Cities Priority - Opportunity for Technology

By Sarah Sorensen
June 20, 2011

Cities are responsible for consuming 66% of the world's energy and producing 70% of the world's emissions; those cities that drive for the most sustainable investment decisions, by adopting solutions and technologies that significantly improve the efficiencies of their transportation, buildings and public services, will be able to best support their growth and mitigate their impacts...

Time to Revisit Telework

By Sarah Sorensen
December 16, 2010

There are so many benefits associated with telework, it's not surprising the Telework Act was signed last week. I guess the real question is why has it taken so long - why has adoption stalled? It's probably due to a combination of technical and culturual issues...

The growing criticality of taking on human rights issues in the connected marketplace

By Sarah Sorensen
October 14, 2010

We may be on the cusp of some big changes in the way businesses view human rights issues; many may start to take a leading role in increasing the visibility and urgency of critical human rights issues because they realize it is in their best interests and tied more directly than ever before to the sustainability of their organizations...

Using Communications Technologies to Create a Sustainable Business

By Sarah Sorensen
September 30, 2010

Those businesses that are able to use information and communications technologies to tie their strategy to mega trends and identify growth opportunities as the result of evolving societal needs will be able to maintain long-term economic opportunities

How ICT Can Improve the Environmental Performance of Educational Institutions

By Sarah Sorensen
July 14, 2010

I would like to talk about some of the ways in which schools are driving the use of technology to improve the environmental performance of their institutions...

Technology Trends Transforming Higher Education

By Sarah Sorensen
June 18, 2010

Higher education institutions find themselves having to rethink almost everything they do in today's highly-connected, highly competitive digital age to ensure they maintain their pivotal role of advancing the opportunities of individuals worldwide by providing a productive, efficient learning environment.

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