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Four short links: 21 October 2011 - Mozilla's Projects, YouTube Insults, iPhone Ultrasound, RoR Intro

By Nat Torkington
October 21, 2011

What Mozilla is Up To (Luke Wroblewski) -- notes from a talk that Brendan Eich gave at Web 2.0 Summit. The new browser war is between the Web and new walled gardens of native networked apps. Interesting to see the effort Mozilla's putting into native-alike Web apps. YouTube Insult Generator (Adrian Holovaty) -- mines YouTube for insults of a...

Ruby is for Java - Bob McWhirter on Ruby, Java and TorqueBox.

By Timothy M. O'Brien
July 19, 2011

Bob McWhirter, JBoss Fellow, Codehaus Despot, and creator of TorqueBox, discusses the boundary between Java and Ruby and his efforts to make Torquebox "a real first-class Ruby platform that works the way Rubyists expect".

Four short links: 16 December 2010 - Compressing Graphs, Authentication Usability, Extreme Design, and Rails Geo

By Nat Torkington
December 16, 2010

On Compressing Social Networks (PDF) -- paper looking at the theory and practice of compressing social network graphs. Our main innovation here is to come up with a quick and useful method for generating an ordering on the social network nodes so that nodes with lots of common neighbors are near each other in the ordering, a property which...

Mirah: Taking Performance to the Next Level with Java's Ruby

By Timothy M. O'Brien
July 12, 2010

Charles Oliver Nutter discusses his latest attempt to bring the usability and clarity of Ruby to the JVM. In this interview Nutter discusses Mirah, a new, Ruby-like language which can be compiled to bytecode. He discusses some of the advantages of being able to compile to bytecode and how Mirah relates to JRuby.

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