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@RIARadio - MAX 2010 Day 2

@RIARadio - MAX 2010 Day 2
By Garth Braithwaite
November 16, 2010

Day 2 we talked to Kevin Lynch, Elad Elrom, Bruno Fonzi, Roundarch (Adam Flater, Jesse Freeman, and David Meeker), Kevin Wentzel, Universal Mind (Joe Johnston, Chris Scott, and Mike Nimer), EffectiveUI (RJ Owen and Leonard Souza), Brian Rinaldi, Puneet Goel, Ted Patrick, Steve & Brenda Rankin, and RIM (Mike Kirkup)

TOC Evolvers: WingedChariot Press - Neal Hoskins and the wonderful world of picture book apps

By Kat Meyer
August 17, 2010

WingedChariot is a young publisher of international, multi-lingual picture books. Founded in 2005 as a print publisher, WingedChariot made launched into digital in 2009--and were the first paper publisher to...

What publishers can and should learn from "The Elements" - Theodore Gray, author of "The Elements," on interactivity, apps vs. ebooks, and the future of print.

By Mac Slocum
August 12, 2010

Theodore Gray, author/creator of "The Elements," shares his thoughts on interactivity in ebooks, why programmers should be treated like authors, and why he believes the print form will continue to exist for quite some time.

TOC Evolvers: OR Books - John Oakes shares a bit about OR Books

By Kat Meyer
August 7, 2010

Publishing is like the weather: we all talk about it, but no one's doing anything to fix it. So we decided to give it a try.

#FollowReader: Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading

By Kat Meyer
August 4, 2010

Note from the editor: #FollowReader is a weekly Twitter-based conversation focusing on topics of interest to the the book and reading community. Co-hosted by me (@KatMeyer), and Charlotte Abbott (@CharAbbott),...

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