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Four stars. This app has already been extremely handy. I keep a number of HTML/CSS eBooks handy for reference but the search feature of this app saves me a lot of time. I'd like to see something similar for CSS and jQuery!

-Kenny Gutierrez, Rockwall, TX

I loved this app and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an HTML reference. The fact that it is on your phone and is always with you is great; another book I don't have to keep on my shelf or in my bag!

-Andrew, Danvers, MA

If you write HTML, this is a bargain at $1.99. The only extra feature you might wish for is a CSS reference in the same app, since HTML & CSS development often happen simultaneously. Something for a future edition, perhaps.

-David Havelin

This is a great app that is well worth its price.

-Chris Harback

This is a handy, inexpensive HTML reference guide that's in my pocket, wherever I go. O'Reilly puts some great information at your fingertips.

-Topher Polack

HTML 4 & 5:
The Complete Reference

By: Jennifer Robbins
Adapted from: HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference

Current Version: 1.2


Keep everything you need to know about every HTML 4 and 5 element and attribute at your fingertips with HTML 4 & 5: The Complete Reference. It's the ideal tool for anyone—from beginners to experts—creating or updating HTML documents. Read More…

  • Quickly get the information you need, with fast and efficient Search and Browse options
  • Choose to view only HTML 4.01 or HTML5 information—or both—when browsing and in search results
  • Find exactly what you're looking for with these resources:
    • Full descriptions of every HTML 4.01 and HTML5 element and attribute
    • An attributes chart with links to their respective elements
    • A complete list of character references for characters such as <, >, ©, £, and ™
    • An element reference, organized by common tasks
    • A DOCTYPE reference to ensure that your documents can be validated properly and will display in Standards Mode in all browsers
    • A document structure reference with the minimum requirements for setting up documents in HTML 4.01, HTML5, and XHTML
  • Get the big picture with useful overviews of HTML 4.01, HTML5, and XHTMl

Comprehensive. Efficient. Easy to use. Everything you expect in an O'Reilly reference. And everything you need to know about HTML 4 and 5.

Version Updates

Version 1.2: Updated for recent changes to the HTML5 specifications, and includes performance and search engine improvements.

Version 1.1: Adds at-a-glance indication of elements that appear in HTML4 or HTML5 only.


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