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Practical Machine Learning: Innovations in Recommendation Practical Machine Learning: Innovations in Recommendation
Print: $21.99
Ebook: $18.99
Bundle: $24.19

Learning Storm Learning Storm
Ebook: $23.99

Apache Karaf Cookbook Apache Karaf Cookbook
Ebook: $21.99

Getting Started with Impala Getting Started with Impala
by John Russell

Scaling Apache Solr Scaling Apache Solr
Ebook: $26.99


No Books Were Found.

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Sebastien Goasguen Sebastien Goasguen Sebastien Goasguen built his first compute cluster in the late 90's when they were still called Beowulf clusters while working on his PhD; he has been working on making computing a utility since then. He has done research in grid computing and high performance computing and with the advent of…

Bill Lubanovic Bill Lubanovic started developing software with UNIX in the 70s, GUIs in the 80s, and the Web in the 90s. He now does web visualization work for a wind energy company.

Adam Haeder Adam Haeder is the Vice President of Information Technology for the AIM Institute.

Brian K. Jones Brian K. Jones is an infrastructure architect, and system/network/database administrator, and co-author of Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two .

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Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate Series
Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate Series — This course series targets both beginning and intermediate Linux/Unix users who want to acquire advanced system administration skills, and to back those skills up with a Certificate from the University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education.

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O'Reilly Answers: Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

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Apache News & Commentary

Four short links: 7 June 2013

June 7, 2013

Accumulo — NSA’s BigTable implementation, released as an Apache project. How the Robots Lost (Business Week) — the decline of high-frequency trading profits (basically, markets worked and imbalances in speed and knowledge have been corrected). Notable for the regulators getting …

Open source community collaboration strategies for the enterprise

July 13, 2012

This report examines the strategies and caveats businesses must consider before adopting open source software, including: the layers and needs of open source communities, the relationship between transparency and privacy, the problems with "open core," and why control should be traded for influence.

Four short links: 25 April 2012

By Nat Torkington
April 25, 2012

World History Since 1300 (Coursera) -- Coursera expands offerings to include humanities. This content is in books and already in online lectures in many formats. What do you get from these? Online quizzes and the online forum with similar people considering similar things. So it's a book club for a university course? mod_spdy -- Apache module for the SPDY...

Why Hadoop caught on

Why Hadoop caught on

February 1, 2012

Doug Cutting discusses Hadoop's current and near-term role, and the factors that made it a central part of data processing.

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